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Saturday, October 22, 2005

NOKIA 6610i CELLULAR SPY PHONE w/Built-in DVR (Buy or Rent) $2,312.00

This is a non-functional cell phone

This item rents for $295.00 per week

The screen on this cellular phone toggles between showing you a live video surveillance feed during covert operations (when no one is looking over your shoulder) and a regular cell phone menu screen when someone happens to be looking). It is capable of both audio and video recording. The built-in media player has a 2 GB hard drive and a SD slot. The MPEG4 unit records audio and video in real time and converts them into MP4 video for storage on the internal/removable 2GB hard drive. Included is a rechargeable easy to remove 3 hour battery. The cell phones color LCD screen can be used for viewing (live or pre-recorded surveillance footage) or connect to external TV or monitor. This unit can be linked directly to your computer or TV via the USB cables. When connected to the computer files can be viewed or downloaded. Listen to audio with stereo earphones or the built in stereo speaker. Easy to use functions make this NEW CELL PHONE-BASED DVR a must have.

Also, because a lot of people want to record important conversations either because they are suspicious about their business or personal partners, etc....We have incorporated into this phone separate covert audio recording capability.

This item replaces all other Mini DVR's.


Non-Functional Cell Phone
RCA 3 in 1 for AV input/out
Built in microphone
Built in stereo speaker
40GB internal removable hard drive for 80 hours of recording
Secure Digital memory card expansion slot
MPEG-4 digital video player and recorder
3x zoom in out function and auto slideshows
OSD menu
Software, MP3 Real Media Player
USB 2.0 SD card reader / portable disk
12V DC
7.6V 1800 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
3 hours in video playback
Larger hard drives can be custom ordered.


2.4Ghz Receiver
Built-in media player and AC/DC adapter
Lithium-ion battery
USB cable
Stereo earphones
2 AV cables
Carrying case
CD Rom
Users Manual

Weight: 87 g
Dimensions: 106 mm x 44 mm x 19 mm

This cellphone is non-functional and is still in the beta testing phase. If you’re interested in purchasing this (and other cutting-edge beta products) phone at cost and testing this phone out for us please contact us asap. Specs., descriptions and/or prices subject to change without notice.

Registered Beta-Tester Terms of Use


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