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Thursday, November 24, 2005


$925.95 Buy or Rent!

This item rents for $350.00 per week.

DPL-VLTS: Vehicle Logging / Tracking System w/RF Receiver: Ever wish you had a tool that could prove your suspicions were valid? Next time you sense suspicious activity with your vehicle, make sure a vehicle tracking unit goes along for the ride. These units can track a vehicle to the nearest address, tell how long the vehicle remained at any given destination and provide details of suspicious activities. Why pay a fortune to hire a private investigator when you can be your own "detective" and keep the money? Installation and removal takes only 10 seconds, simply insert the device inside or underneath the vehicle and the unit is held in place by its industrial strength magnetic mount. The motion detect circuit shuts the unit down when the vehicle is stationary for longer than 5 minutes. This saves battery power and long computer view times.

* Now includes an RF Receiver that will automatically download information from the target vehicle as long as that vehicle comes within 1000ft. of your laptop or other computer with installed software.

Use this same RF receiver for multiple transmitters.


* Low Cost
* Discreet Water Resistant Case
* Uses a Motion Detector to Start and Stop
* Unit Magnetically Attaches to a Vehicle
* Includes a Powerful Route and Trip Planner
* Uses Precision Mapping of the Entire U.S.
* Operates up to 18 days on Internal AA Batteries
* Will Save the Units Location Every 10,20,30 or 60 Seconds
* Download Data to a Computer via Serial Port
* Provides Custom Mileage Reports
* Maps for Canada and Europe are also available


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Local: (818) 344-3742



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