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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

4 Ch. Portable (Briefcase) Surveillance System: $5,450.00 (Buy or Rent)

4 Ch. Portable (Briefcase) Surveillance System: $5,450.00 (Buy or Rent)

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(4) Color High Res. Wireless Cameras

High Resolution Sony 1/3" SONY Exview Image Sensors in conjunction with 66 High Power IR LEDs make this a very popular Camera. This compact camera has an extraordinary picture in pitch-black conditions with the truest color reproduction available in a day / night security camera. This weatherproof camera comes equipped with blower. With this rugged top of the line High Resolution camera you will be able to see up to 150 feet in absolute darkness (0.0 Min. Illumination).

4 Ch. Portable (Briefcase) Surveillance System

This is our best analog portable recording surveillance system. It has a built-in quad and 4 built-in 2.4 GHz high gain receivers, allowing it to receive up to 4 wireless security cameras at the same time. It also incorporates 4 directional Yagi antennas for maximum range. The built-in rechargeable battery system allows for multiple (20) hours of operation without the use of external power. It also has video inputs so the system can be used with 4 wired security cameras.


* Comes as shown with 960 hour VCR with date, time stamp and 4 directional Yagi antennas.


* Portable Recording System for field applications.

* 960 Hrs recording time capability

* 20 Hrs plus battery operation

* 4 Ch simultaneously recording wired or wireless on 2.4GHz Band

* Date, time and title stamp


Monitor: 7 inches, TFT, LCD, Color
Power: AC Adapter, car lighter adapter, internal batteries 4 GEL 2 cell 6V12A each Supplies up to 20Hrs of autonomous operation

Voltage: 12DC
Consumption: 4A (monitor on)
Wireless Operation: 2.4GHz
Antenna: Yagi, 3 elements, 4 units
Video Composition: NTSC
Video Inputs: 4 wired / 4 wireless
Quad Full function, 4 channels
VCR Time Lapse 960 Hrs (Max. recording Time)
Recording System 4 Head, Double azimuth, VHS
Resolution: Frame Record
Image Size: 370 TV Lines
Motion Detection: 80 dbm
Video Modulation: FM
Weight: 40Lbs


Phone: (1800) 548-2939 Ext. 01
Local: (818) 344-3742
Fax (775) 249-9320



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