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Monday, April 03, 2006

SPY EAR (Two-Way Communications System) $1,475.00! Buy or Rent!

This item rents for $195.00 per week.

The Spy Ear is a complete two-way communications system enabling one to receive sounds or voices from a distant location up to 500ft. away without any wires. Our new crystal-controlled Spy Ear is the result of the latest chip technology (circuitry is integrated in a single silicon chip) which allows for its miniature size which makes it ideal for covert communications for law enforcement, government (currently in use by the DEA and the Secret Service), security, executive protection, private investigators, and investigative journalists. This chip intergrates digital and analog techniques to produce a complete all-in-the-ear, narrow-band, crystal controlled, superheterodyne F.M. receiver. The Spy Ear's low power circuitry, low noise pre-amplifiers and adaptive filtering techniques make it possible to achieve this exceptional high level of performance.

The micro earpiece is soft and comfortable, it is similar to a miniature hearing aid. The microphone will pick-up all sounds within a 5ft. to 7ft. area. Complete with belt-clip pouch, batteries, recharging unit and carrying case. FCC approved.

The accomplice also wears our wireless microphone which is easily hidden when worn on the body, you can record audio conversations covertly and safely. This part of the system is responsible for sending the audio back to the other person. Simply plug the receiver into a recording device and presto - real time sound recording at your finger tips. The wireless microphone can be used with most videocassette recorders and with our digital voice recorders .

The Wireless Microphone includes:

Wireless Remote Transmitter
Wireless Remote Receiver
Belt Clip
Tie Microphone Clip
Earphone for Wireless Remote Receiver
Range Up To 150 Feet Line Of Site

Range will be diminished by Walls and other obstacles

Transmitter Specifications:

Transmitting Frequency - F1: 171.105 MHz - F2: 171.905 MHz
FM Band
Max. Deviation +/- 2KHz
Power Source - DC 3V (UM-3 battery X 2)
Controls - Power Switch & Channel Selector Switch
LED - Power On
Dimensions - 84mm (h) x 62mm (w) x 28mm (d)

Receiver Specifications:

Receiving Frequency - F1: 171.105 MHz - F2: 171.905 MHz
Sensitivity - 10dB uV for 20dB S/N
Power Source - DC 3V (UM-3 battery X 2)
Controls - Power Switch & Channel Selector Switch
LED - Power On
Dimensions - 102mm (h) x 64mm (w) x 25mm (d)

Simply plug and play.

The Wireless Microphone Set receiver has a 3.5mm pin that is compatible with most Full Size VHS, VHS(c) & 8mm camcorders, if the plug is not the correct size an adaptor from your local Audio store will make it compatible.

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