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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vacation Home Monitoring System $970.00

Vacation Home Monitoring System $970.00

Protect and monitor your vacation home, cabin or cottage — even when you can't be there! Doing so is now easy and convenient with the new Vacation Home Monitoring System, a totally new remote residence monitoring system that can help you detect problems before they turn into disasters.

This system will call you by dialing up to eight phone numbers when its sensors detect abnormal conditions (i.e. temperature dips or spikes, leaking water, intrusions, etc.). This Vacation Home Monitoring System takes remote monitoring one giant leap forward with the added ability to control the thermostat by phone. Now you can set the temperature hours before you arrive, ensuring that the house is comfortable and cozy from the moment you walk in the door. The Vacation Home Monitoring System requires 6 "D" cell batteries, which are not included.


It Contacts You If Something Goes Wrong.

With a built-in temperature sensor, microphone and an AC power failure sensor, the Vacation Home Monitoring System has the ability to call eight phone numbers and report the conditions with voice-synthesized English if temperatures go above or below certain levels, if a smoke alarm or security system siren goes off, or if there's a power failure (if the system is backed up with a battery). You can also call your vacation home at any time to obtain a status report, or to listen in to on-site sounds, for total peace of mind.

The system can also be expanded with up to three additional status sensors to detect other conditions of your choice, so long as the sensors use normally-open or normally-closed contacts. These can include:

Water Sensors (to see if there's flooding in the basement):

Save your property and equipment from costly damage by being warned in time. Protect vacation homes, water pipes, aquariums, pets (farm animals), scientific experiments, computer equipment and more. Install this unit and it will call you when any of the sensors go beyond the preset limits. Independently powered by internal lithium batteries (included).

Multiple sensors can be wired in series to a single input.

* Wind Sensors (to get an idea of what the surfing conditions are at the beach house). Saves water and avoids mess.

*Can notify intelligent controller when winds increase

* Resets sprinklers when wind levels drop

The Wind Sensor can turn off sprinklers during high winds, saving water and keeping surrounding areas from getting drenched. This wind sensor can be adjusted to shut down sprinkler systems when winds rise to a speed between 12 and 35 MPH, and to reset the system when winds drop to speeds of between 8 and 24 MPH. Attach this unit to your intelligent controller so your controller knows when to activate a macro related to wind conditions.

Wind Sensor mounts on a two-inch PVC pipe. Contacts are rated for up to 5 amps at 250VAC.

Warranty: 5 years
Includes Owner's Manual

* Rain Sensors (in case you want to postpone the trip until a dryer weekend).

* Includes 25 feet of 20 gauge two conductor wire

* Two models available: Normally Closed and Normally Open circuits

* Hygroscopic disks absorb water and simulate the drying of the turf

* Adjustable rest rate

* Works with all mechanical sprinkler controllers

Don't over-water your lawn or plants after a rainstorm. This rain sensor will cut off your existing sprinkler controller from activating the valves and wasting water.

The Rain Sensor contains special hygroscopic disks, which absorb water when it rains and simulates the drying of the turf. The rainfall sensitivity is adjustable from 1/8-inch to 1-inch, so a light shower won't interrupt regular watering. The reset rate (the speed at which the sensor "dries out") is also adjustable.

A heavy-duty 10.1 amp rating allows the Rain Sensor to control most any irrigation systems without additional relays.

The Rain Sensor contains normally closed contacts. The contacts are closed when the sensor is dry and opens when rain is detected. It closes when hygroscopic disks dry out. This model would most commonly be used to interrupt the current out of the common terminal on a sprinkler controller. It can also be used as a turf sensor so the lawn is not over watered. Normally open model also available.

Connect the Rain Sensor to your home automation controller. It can connect to the digital inputs on a Stargate, Home Vision, or similar controller. To trigger an X10 signal, connect the output to a Powerflash module.

* Freeze Sensors (in case you want an idea of what the snow conditions are like for your snowboarding trip). Shutoffs automatically during freezing temperatures.

The Freeze Sensor is specially designed to turn off irrigation systems when freezing or near freezing temperatures approach.

Normally closed contacts open at 37°.

24 VAC 6A rating allows it to directly switch most irrigation systems without additional relays. Includes 20 ft. of wire.

* Temperature Sensor so you can monitor additional temperature-sensitive areas of the property. Allows you to monitor temperature at a location away from your Vacation Home Monitoring System.

* Triggers an alarm when conditions exceed the set high/low limits
* Wall mountable

Save your property and equipment from costly damage by being warned in time. Install this unit in conjuction with a Vacation Home Monitoring System and be alerted when any of the sensors go beyond the preset limits. This sensor will measure and tell you the exact temperature of your property. The Remote Temperature Sensor for the Vacation Home Monitoring System can be mounted anywhere you need the air temperature to be measured. Only one sensor may be wired per input.

Protect vacation homes, water pipes, aquariums, pets (farm animals), scientific experiments, computer equipment and more. The Remote Temperature Sensor features terminal screw wiring connections, small size, and a convenient wall-mount housing. The sensor is accurate to ± 1ºF (0.56ºC).

Remote Thermostat Control:

The Vacation Home Monitoring System’s remote thermostat feature even lets you control the thermostat with a phone call, which is great for getting the vacation home to your preferred temperature hours before you arrive. And if you forget to turn the thermostat down before you leave, you can easily do it from any phone, wherever you are. The Vacation Home Monitoring System works with most standard thermostats or set-back thermostats. Thermostats are sold separately. The relay outputs are controlled by a low-voltage relay that can handle 30V AC/DC upto 2Amps (max).

Built-In Features:

* 8 user-selectable inputs, temperature or dry-contact.

* Microphone monitors high sound alarms and enables remote listening.

* AC power failure sensing with variable recognition time

* Battery condition monitor (uses 6 'D' cells)

* Clock

Advanced Capabilities:

* User Programmable: alarm recognition time, call delay, inter-call delay, message repetitions.
* Temperature sensing in Fahrenheit (-20°F to 150°F) or Celsius (-29°C to 65°C)
* Individual temperature input calibration
* Non-volatile memory for all programmed parameters
* The relay outputs are controlled by a low-voltage relay that can handle 30V AC/DC upto 2Amps (max).

Versatile Dial-Out Capabilities:

* Alert sensors trigger pulse or tone dial-out automatically
* Dials 8 phone numbers, up to 32 digits each
* Continues dialing numbers in sequence, until acknowledged
* Call Progress: Intelligently detects ringing or busy signal
* Intelligent dialout to beepers and pagers

Easy Control Access

* Keypad for local programming and status report
* Unit can be called from any phone to verify status of all monitored conditions
* Local or remote enabling/disabling of all dial-out conditions
* Can share a single phone line with an answering machine, allowing full operation of both units
* Programmable security code access


* Battery: Uses 6 "D" cells (not included)
* Inputs: 8 phone numbers, up to 32 digits each
* Temperature sensing range: Fahrenheit (-20°F to 150°F) or Celsius (-29°C to 65°C)
* Weight: 2.88 lbs
* Dimensions: 7.5" x 2" x 8.5"

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