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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sprinkler-Head Hidden Camera $249.00! (Buy or Rent!)

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I need a legitimate credit card or wire transfer directly to my business account.

This item rents for $55.00 per week.

New in our line of covert video cameras is the Sprinkler Head Hidden Camera. This realistic looking sprinkler has a 1⁄4 Sony CCD color hardwired camera inside. Perfect for use in your business or home. Easy to use and install.


* CCD Pixels NTSC 537 x 505
* Minimum Illumination 0.5 LUX

* 420 Lines TV Resolution

* Pinhole 4.3mm Lens

* Video Out Put Composite 1.0V p-p at 75 ohm

* Power Supply DC 12V


* Sprinkler Camera
* AC adapter
* Manual

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