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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera

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DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com’s Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera offers 360° vision for Homeland Security, SWAT, Narcotics,
SPECOPS, EOD... virtually any tactical team.

The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera is a compact wireless 360° mobile display system, designed to be used in tactical operations where law enforcement personnel need to see the situation before entering a building, floor or room. The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera is rugged allowing officers to roll, toss, lower or throw it as applications demand:

• Entry Teams
• Search & Rescue
• Surveillance Operations
• Ceiling & Attic Investigation
• Corner, Stairwell & Hallway Clearing

The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera transmits streaming video and audio to a Personal Display Unit (PDU). This intelligence is the basis for making the right decision.


• Omni Directional Camera

• Near Infrared Illumination up to 9 Yards

• Captures Video up to 25 Yards and Audio up to 5 Yards

• Transmits Streaming Video up to 200 Yards from the
Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera

Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera rotates 4 RPM and can be Directed Toward a Specific Target, Capturing a 55° Horizontal and 41° Vertical Field of View

Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera is Battery Powered, Operating Time is 2 Hours

Wireless Transmission:

• Operating frequency:
- Audio & Video: 2.4 GHz
- Control: 902-928 MHz
• Transmission - Line of Sight & Interrupted Through Glass, Wood, & Concrete for Outdoor & Urban Conflict

Personal Display Unit (PDU) Features:

• Communicates with Two Surveillance Video “Ball” Cameras
• 6.4” Color Screen
• PDU Control of Rotation, Transmission Channel, Illumination and Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera standby Mode to Conserve Power
• PDU is Battery Powered, Operating Time is 3 Hours


• Two (3.25 Inches, weight: less than 1 lb.each. Molded Rubber Casing) Surveillance Video “Ball” Cameras
• One Training Ball
• One PDU
• Two Chargers
• Cleaning Kit
• Rugged Carrying Case
• Adapters for Lowering Wire & Pole/Spike


• Monopod
• Ground Spike
• PDU Cover
• Duty Belt
Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera Pouch
• Lowering Wire Pouch
Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera Canvas Carrying Case


Entry Teams:

* The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera can be rolled, tossed or dropped into any potentially hostile situation. The 360-degree viewing area gives teams instant intel on the number of hostages, suspects, entry/exit points and more. With the Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera the entry team has visibility to make informed decisions.

Ceiling & Attic Investigation:

* The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera can quickly be attached to a pole providing visibility into ceilings and attics. It’s near-infrared capability is essential for night or dark operations.

Surveillance Operations:

* The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera, attached to a pole, spike or simply perched in a tree affords teams options not available with other surveillance gear.

Clearing Stairwells:

* The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera can be attached to a lowering wire, allowing you to clear stairwells as your team pursues suspects.

Corner & Hallway Clearing:

* The Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera is the perfect tool for looking around corners, down hallways, or into rooms keeping your team out of harms way.

Search & Rescue:

* Similar to stairwell clearing, the Surveillance Video “Ball” Camera can be lowered into small spaces, helping teams search for survivors.

DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com is a world leader in providing surveillance and security products and services to Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection (recommended for our female customers) and Bug Detection Products.

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