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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Portable Digital Video Recorder w/Scheduled Recording, Motion-Activation and Time and Date Stamp (Buy or Rent)

* This Package (Portable Digital Video Recorder & BUTTON HIDDEN HIGH DEF. DAY & NIGHT CAMERA W/AUDIO) Rents For $275.00 Per Week.

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This item Rents For $175.00 Per Week.

New features to this DVR are motion activation, manual and scheduled recording, including time and date stamp With its small size and versatility you can use this DVR for mobile surveillance and body worn surveillance or anywhere that recording or playback of video is needed. Equipped with a 3.5 color screen for optimal playback or viewing using MP4 video and MP3 sound. The 40GB hard drive allows the user to record to the internal hard drive for up to 80 hours or to the secure digital (SD) card with its expansion slot.


* Motion Activated
* Time and Date Stamp

* MPEG 4 Video Recording

* MP4 Video with Stereo MP3 Sound in 640 x 240 @ 30FPS

* 3.5 LCD Color Screen 320 x 240

* Video Playback Control, Play/Pause/Stop/ FF/REW

* 3 Video Recording Modes, Manual, Scheduled & Motion with 3 Levels of Sensitivity

* 40GB Removable Hard Drive

* Expansion Slot, SD/MMC (Card Not Included)
* AV in and AV Out

* Built in Stereo Speakers


* Removable rechargeable battery

* Battery life:
Approx. 4 hours in continuous video recording / playback
* Approx. 8 hours in continuous music recording / playback


* Portable DVR
* Ear Bud Head Phones

* AV Cables

* USB Cable

* AC Adapter

* Case

* Software - USB Driver

* Manual (CD only)

Size: 5 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 1


This item Rents For $95.00 Per Week.

Perfect for operations where a total covert operation is a must, this unit will allow the user to integrate a micro camera into their own clothing. Complete with plug and play connectors, this unit will easily integrate with our POCKET DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER and hidden microphone for easy recording.

This high quality miniature (ccd) camera combines simplicity, versatility and superior performance into a package great for body worn applications.

* 12V Rechargeable Battery Pack with Adapter
* Button Camera Lens with 5 Matching Buttons

* Size: 1 x 1 x 3/4


This item Rents For $95.00 Per Week.

* 1/3" CCD Color
* 480 Lines Resolution

* 0.01 Lux

* Ultra Compact Design

* Dimensions: 31mm X 31mm

* 3.6mm Pinhole Lens

* (Optional 6mm,8mm,12mm)

It is a high resolution DSP color with 1/3" CCD camera. The size is only 31mm x 31mm. The most amazing feature about the camera is that it's color under regular light conditions. However, it turns to B/W under low light conditions up to 0.01 lux. This allows the color camera to work under most light conditions without any interruption. It is the best choice for spy and surveillance applications.

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