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Thursday, October 05, 2006

HOSTAGE TRACKING SYSTEM $3,272.58 (Buy or Rent!)

This item rents for $1,229.98 per week.

We are specialists in tracking solutions and platforms to suit the varied needs of both corporate and government clients.

This combined unit provides more flexibility and greater location coverage than when just using the RFID module.

* Module size: 88.5 x 65.5 x 11 mm
* Weight (50 grams)
* Propriety RFID component
* Tri-band GSM/GPRS radio modem
* Option in-vehicle wiring harness
* Option external power supply failure alarm
* Optional program for periodic Health check
* Option “activation: on movement” alarm
* OTA (over the air ) unit configuration: via SMS using AT commands
* Operational time on fully charged batteries: Standby: 40 hours , continuous 10 hours, periodic 25 hours
* Power supply: internal 3.7 v polymer rechargeable battery supplied with an approved regulated charger

At the forefront of this technology is our latest GSM/RFID device, the Hostage Tracker. The user has complete control over the unit into which we have incorporated the smallest movement sensors in the world.

To provide even greater feedback to the client the Hostage Tracker even has an on-board wideband microphone to enable the remote user to listen to what is happening should the need arise. You activate the microphone by sending it an SMS message.

With overall dimensions smaller than a credit card, we think you will agree that the Hostage Tracker has opened up possibilities that were only dreamt about a few years ago.

In addition to the Hostage Tracker we also have a range of smart RFID tags which can be located and tracked from the air within a 12 mile radius.

* Module size: 48 x 13 x 6 mm
* Weight 2.6 grams
* Frequency: 868 MHz operating as a low powered device
* Transmitting power when operating: 10 mW
* Power Supply: 2 x 1.5v button cells, approximate life 1.5 to 2 years
* Power Consumption: 1 mAH
* ID: Each TAG has a unique identification number (65,000 codes)
* Optional "activate on movement" alarm
* Adjustable transmission times to preserve power (see below)
* Optional tamper alarm
* The range for the RFID tags when used with the hand-held receiver is 500 meters or 1,640 feet.
* The range for the RFID tags when used with a directional antenna is 2 kilo meters or 6,561 feet.
* The range for the RFID tags when used from a helicopter is 20 kilo meters or 65, 616 feet.
* You can track 100 RFID tags with each hand-held receiver.


* Smaller then a credit card
* Fully rechargeable via a built-in socket
* Built-in wideband microphone
* Can be successfully tracked within a building
* A web-based locating control panel has been designed for the unit (Coming Soon)
* Each unit has a unique code
* The unit will inform you of movement, temp, power loss
* On-line or SMS battery indication
* Up to 8 cell ids with antenna field strength to your phone
* Remote code switching, either on of off
* Battery life up to 6 months
* Can be fitted inside laptops and notebooks

The range of coverage depends on the cell network available within a region, as this provides the raw data for the area in which the device is located. However, if there is mobile phone coverage, there will be location coverage.

Triangulation of the GSM modem enables this data to determine an approximate location. If there is a greater requirement for accuracy, the RFID component can be activated and the asset can be located within meters, with the aid of a direction finding receiver.

The RFID can be activated by the user, or be remotely activated by the monitoring station via SMS. The frequency band 868 MHz is used as a standard Europe tracking frequency.

The RFID is used for exact positioning. With the direction finding receiver, the position can be pinpointed with an accuracy of less than 1/2 meter. Depending on geographical conditions and local topography, a direction finder ranges from 2-4 km. The direction finder gives an audio signal which increases in strength as you get nearer to the RFID Tag. If you are able to gain elevation on the RFID, up to 10km can be reached.

* Receive frequency: 868 MHz (locked to RFID tag)
* Power Supply: 3.7 v Polymer batteries with external charger
* Recharge time: 3.5 hours
* In-field swappable batteries (spare batteries available on request)
* In-car charger
* Dimensions: 150 x 82 x 31 mm
* Individual and multiple TAG ID scanning
* Signal strength display meter for selected TAG providing a resolution from 5 metres to 100 metres.
* Operation time: Normal operation of the receiver allows for approximately 3 hrs of continuous use prior to requiring a recharge.

Condition Alert:

* LED green - Data reception
* LED red - Sabotage
* LED yellow - Alarm
* Connections:

RS232 or USB interface
12 V socket for mains operation/battery charger
Headphone output


* Car Mounted Antenna: $298.00
* Directional Antenna: $298.00
* Buzzer for sabotage/alarm

on/off switch


* In the building up to approx. 50 m
* In the open up to approx. 800 m
* With special antenna up to approx. 3 km
* Out of helicopter up to approx. 20 km


Displays up to 199 ID numbers with field strength

The portable receiver is only used when accurate tracking is required. The receiver allows the operator to locate the asset within several meters using a directional finding technique.

Please also ask about our new range of personal tracking belts for children and adults. These normal looking leather belts will transmit a unique code for more than one year. Using the software and a receiver, large parameters or zones can be configured. If the belt or tag moves outside the zone that has been set, then an audible alarm will occur. Tags have already been fitted into many different items, such as shoes and watches and even ransom money. Tags can be supplied in oval or round housing or without housing at all for use in key tags, belts, shoes etc.

This Package Includes:

1 Combined RFID and GSM Module $908.00
1 HandHeld Tracking Receiver $1,993.74
1 Multi-Track RFID Tag $370.84

* This Product Can Be Customized for Your Particular Application.
* Customers are Responsible for Their Own Carrier-Related Charges Both For the GSM and Website Locating Service. Also, customers should verify or check to see if there is a GSM Web-based locating service within their respective countries prior to ordering.

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