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Friday, January 12, 2007

Disconnected Number Message and Dead Ringer Imitator $378 (Buy or Rent)

Disconnected Number Message $209.00

* Causes The Target Phone to Provide a "Disconnected Number" Recording
* Compatible with Any Phone
* Plug and Play

Like the dead ringer, this unit never allows the phone to ring. The calling party only hears a "disconnected number" message. This unit also disables fax machines and voice mail. Outgoing calls are not affected so the line still appears normal. Comes complete with modular and spade connectors for all types of installations.

We also have a:

Dead Ringer Imitator $219.00

* Dead Ringer Imitator Causes Phone to be Perceived as a "Dead Line"
* Compatible with any Phone
* Plug and Play

This tiny device allows the user to create "dead lines." When someone calls a line that employs this device, they will hear the phone ring and ring, however the target phones never ring
because this device blocks the "trigger voltage" that causes a phone to ring. Comes complete with modular and spade connectors for all types of installations.

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