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Sunday, April 08, 2007

EXECUTIVE VOICE CHANGER $649.00 (Buy or Rent )!

New Generation Voice Transformer - The Professional's Choice.

Rental Price: $125.00/wk

This unit is an entirely new generation of advanced voice disguise and transformation technology. The Executive Voice Changer gives you total and unparalleled control of timbre, tone, format, reverberation, and pitch. No other unit on the market offers these exclusive features.

User Friendly Design

The user interface features four slider controls that allow for precise real-time adjustments. The convenient "hands free" headset/microphone allows you to concentrate on your conversation and not the operation of the unit. You can store the exact settings of a particular voice in one of eight memories so you can change voices instantly, even in the same conversation without the other party ever knowing. You can effectively portray eight different people instantly, even with gender changes!
20-Second Installation

Simply remove your handset from your telephone, and plug the modular jack cable supplied with the voice transformer into the handset plug. That's it.

Since most people are unfamiliar with what the "format" component of the human voice is, here are the details. Human voices consist of two components. One is fundamental waves that are pitch-sensitive and the other is non pitch-sensitive fixed harmonics. The harmonics components that change along with vocal cords and with the physical shape of the vocal tract add distinctive characteristics to a person's voice and are caller formats.

All of the other telephone voice changers on the market today are strictly pitch shifters, not addressing the critical format control component of the human voice. They change formats when they alter pitch, so the voices that are pitched higher sound like "Mickey Mouse". With the
Executive Voice Changer pitch slider, you can control pitch independently, without making format changes. Meanwhile, its format slider works to effectively control the vocal cords and shape of the vocal tract. So it can change a male voice into a female or even a child's voice, yet sound completely natural.

The unit comes complete with a quality hands free microphone/earpiece, Size: 7" x 6.5" x 2". (Not compatible with cellular phones, cordless phones, or dial-in-handset phones.)

We also have:

Professional Portable Telephone Voice Changer $285.00 (Buy or Rent )!

This item Rents For $75.00 Per Week.

Professional Portable Telephone Voice Changer is portable and compatible on all telephones. Simply attach the acoustic coupler to your telephone's handset, adjust the selector switch and your voice is immediately disguised.

This unit uses the latest digital signal processing technology for unsurpassed clarity. There are 14 different programmable voice settings (7-high, 7-low) plus a normal mode, and its built-in microphone offers ultra-low distortion.

This portable voice changer is housed in a sturdy metal case, and comes in a zippered vinyl pouch for portability. Uses one 9 volt battery (not included). Approximate dimensions: 1.12" x 2.75" x 5.37". Weight: 10 ounces.

Includes free CellPhone Voice Changer (I'll provide this for free)!

Great for use with most cell phones. (Does not work with Nokia phones) Four pitch levels and hands free operation.
Pitch option include 2 high, 2 low and normal. Includes "robot voice" and "duck voice". Standard size watch battery powers unit for 30 hours use.
(Hands Free).

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