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Friday, August 24, 2007


Standard Multi-Zone METAL Detector. Excellent Discrimination with Unique Multi-Zone System.

DPL-WCWD250 Application

Airports, Prisons, Courthouses, Entertainment Venues, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing Facilities, Loss Prevention,
Hospitals, Power Plants

DPL-WCWD250 Technical Specifications


Safety Standards:

EN 60950 (Electrical safety)

EMC Standards:

EN 50081-1 (Emission), EN 50082-1 (Immunity)

Other Standards:

NILECJ-0601, security levels 1-5 (covers the design and performance of walk-through metal detectors), FAA approved.

Safe for wearers of heart pacemakers, pregnant women and magnetic recording materials


Ambient Operating Temperature:

From -10 °C to +55 °C, (From 14 °F to +131 °F).


0 to 95%, no condensation.


IP 20 (EN 60529).

Power Supply:

Mains:90-264V AC/45-65Hz, Battery: 24-35V DC, Consumption: 45W, Fuse: TIA 5x20 mm, Power cord length: 2.5 m (8.2 ft).


Audible alarm. Alphanumeric display and zone display.
Remote alarm relay (SPDT).

Sensitivity Resolution:

100 sensitivity steps in each program. 8 horizontal zones separately and independently adjustable for sensitivity from 0 to 255%.


Automatic or manual adjustment.

Interference suppression:

Digital filtering by signal processor. Several operating frequencies to suppress local electrical noise.

Network Connections:

Connectible to the DPL.NET® security monitoring system (RS422)


Two years


Total Shipping Weight:

75.5 kg (166.5 lbs)

Total Shipping Volume:

0.47m3 (16.5 cu ft)

Net Weight:

58.8 kg (129.6 lbs)


Shipping Weight:

55.5 kg (122.4 lbs)

Shipping Volume

0.35 m3 (12.4 cu ft)

Cross Bars + Electronics:

Shipping Weight

20 kg (44.1 lbs)

Shipping Volume

0.12m3 (4.2 cu ft)

DPL-WCWD250 Multi-Zone Principle

- Eight Individual Zones

- Each Metal Object Will be Independently Detected

- Harmless Objects Do Not Combine for False Alarms

- Zone Overlapping Eliminates Weak Points

- Zone Displayed at each Level Where Alarm Occurs

DPL-WCWD250 Options

Intelligent Traffic Counters

An intelligent traffic counter that increases the count in one direction and decreases the count in the opposite direction.
The desired direction can be selected and the number of passengers, alarms and alarm percentage can be displayed .

Different Colors and Materials

DPL-WCWD250 is available in custom color laminate finish and in real wood finish.

Dual Zone Displays

The standard DPL-WCWD200 is delivered with one zone display. By installing a zone display on both sides of the detector it is possible to see the alarm on the zone no matter what the walking direction is. This eliminates the need to change the zone display location at the installation site where the position of the detector is fixed.

Optional Crosspieces

32 inch (810 mm) ADA compliant crosspieces and 28 inch (708 mm) enhanced sensitivity crosspieces available for your specific needs. Optional crosspiece sizes are available at no additional cost when specified at the time of order.

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