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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wireless Pinhole USB Camera: $259.00 (Buy or Rent)

Combine with our Portable Digital Video Recorder (see below)

This package Rents for: $225.00 per Week

This item rents for $35.00 per week.

This Wireless Pinhole USB Camera offers features only imagined by other wireless camera systems. Not only is it a powerful (300 ft. range) 2.4Ghz wireless high resolution color CCD pinhole camera, but the tiny, metal case, 4-channel receiver and included software allows for direct USB connection to your computer for monitoring, motion activated recording or scheduled recordings. The receiver is even powered via the USB connection. Sony 1/4” CCD, 420 LOR camera and conical pinhole lens product a super clear image. (FCC approved) Optional internet viewing software offers real time remote video viewing and email or cell phone alert notification for up to 4 cameras from any internet computer.

RECEIVER: The receiver also includes standard RCA A/V out cable and AC adaptor for connection to a VCR, time/lapse, or DVR. It even can operate USB and RCA type AV/Out SIMULTANEOUSLY. Features auto scan mode for sequencing up to 4 cameras.


* Hi Resolution CCD Camera (420 LOR)
* USB Powered Receiver
* RCA Outputs for VCR/DVR
* 4 Channels
* Motion Activated Recording (when used with USB)
* 300 ft. LOS 2.4GHz
* Optional Remote Viewing Software

Set Includes:

* Mini CCD Camera and Mount
* (2) 12 VDC Power Adaptors
* USB 2.0 Connector Cable
* Software CD
* 4 Channel USB/RCA Receiver


DVR security will never be the same with this
high resolution full motion unit. 720 X 480 video at 30fps with this new micro security DVR! Video & audio inputs!


* Solid state DVR records audio/video with advanced MPEG4 compression.
* Records over two hours on 2 gig SD card
* Built in rechargeable lithium battery
* 2.5" Color LCD display
* USB 2.0 & A/V inputs/outputs
* IR remote control for easy set up
* Incredible small size of 3.14"W X 2" H X .86D-- as small as a cigarette pack!
* Super light weight only 2.68 ounces
* Comes with DVR, carrying case, easy instructions, connecting cables, battery, charger and 1 year warranty

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