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Friday, February 08, 2008


Open 24/7/365

For Students, Business Executives, Private Investigators, etc.

This item rents for $55.00 per week.

Whether you want verification of phone calls or need transcripts of meetings, the Wireless (remote recording up to 25 meters or approx. 80 ft. with wireless microphone) 136-Hour USB Digital Voice Recorder can provide positive proof that your conversations have taken place.

This is the next generation in Wireless Digital Voice Recording Technology! The tiny digital recorder packs a big punch when it comes to features. Not only do you have access to recording conversations over the phone, but you can easily plug in the digital recorder to your PC or laptop’s USB connector, store files on it, listen to an FM radio, and listen to MP3 music/books. You also have 1GB of storage, ensuring you the ability to record a day’s worth of conversation! All of this makes this a great digital voice recorder. But what sets this apart from all the other recorders; what makes this the Ultimate Digital Voice Recorder is the finger-sized remote microphone. Place the remote microphone in the room next door. Put it under a desk at work. Hide it in the house to make sure that people are being honest even when you are not there.


* 1GB Storage with 136 Hours of record time.
* Over 6 days of recording time!
* Voice Activation
* MP3 Player
* LCD Backlight
* Real-time clock
* Scheduled recording
* FM Radio + direct record
* Alarm function
* Auto power off
* Wireless Mic
* Size: 1.75" x 4.25" x.75" (W/H/D)
* Weight: 1.5oz without battery

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