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Friday, July 25, 2008

Sun Glasses Hidden Camera (Buy or Rent)!

Open 24/7/365!
(Audio File: Overview)

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Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen)

Color sunglasses camera with higher resolution and extra lens set. (Clear, Black, Blue) No "hanging" battery packs required -DVR powered by the most popular pocket DVR's. (see DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDERS on our website) New technology "SWA" CMOS camera equals the resolution and low light rating of CCD cameras but uses a fraction of the power requirement (1/4th).
The new CMOS imager offers higher speed, windowing, and antiblooming compensation than CCD cameras, resulting in better overall performance at lower price and power requirement.


* 420 lines of resolution
* 0.2 Low Lux Rating
* Ultra Low Power Draw
* Powered by Most Popular DVR's
* Interchangeable Lenses

DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com is a world leader in providing surveillance and security products and services to Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection (recommended for our female customers) and Bug Detection Products.

Buy, rent or lease the same state-of-the-art surveillance and security equipment Detectives, PI's, the CIA and FBI use. Take back control!


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