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Saturday, October 18, 2008


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We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor).

The unit will also ID the explosives detected by displaying the name on the screen. The results can also be viewed directly on a computer as the samples are taken.

The DPL-E4500 is a rapid response desktop explosives detector. Small, light, and durable, the device can be easily transported for military, forensic, or special-event use. It operates on the principal of GC-Chemiluminescence, so it is self-calibrated and not subject to faulty operator adjustments. The 11-pound unit is rugged for field use and easy to carry in its compact, foam-padded case. It features a simple push-button and automatic operation and the warm-up time is less than 20 minutes.

Explosives Type:
Capable of detecting all types of Nitro based explosives, such as TNT, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, RDX, C-4, Nitroglycerine, EGDN, DMNB, Plastic Explosives, and ICAO Taggants, TATP, HMDX and various peroxide explosives.

Principal of Detection:
Chemiluminescence with multi cap GC (Gas Chromatography). Detection for Particle Trace detection.

Detectable Substances:
Capable of detecting most military and commercial explosives, and ICAO Taggants, and various peroxide based explosives.

Principles of Operation:

The DPL-E4500
detection technology relies on thermal decomposition of explosives such as RDX, PETN, TNT and TATP yielding to the formation of chemicals, which specifically react with a chemilux solution to generate light. The amount of light generated by this chemiluminescence reaction is directly proportional to the amount of explosives analyzed.

The three phases of the DPL-E4500 explosives detection process are the sample collection cycle, analysis, and results phase.

Sample Collection:

Sample collection is performed by the operator using a metal sample screen or a cotton glove. In the case of glove sampling, the operator wipes the surface with a cotton glove, and then rubs the glove onto the sampling screen. This screen is then inserted into the injector slot. This will initiate the analysis cycle.

Sample Collection:

The overall sampling and analysis time is about 20 seconds. During this time, the LCD message center will show Processing.

Analysis Cycle:

In the DPL-E4500,
the explosives are directly desorbed from the sampling screen to a GC column then to the pyrolyzer. At this point the pyrolysis converts the sample to NO2.The NO2 is picked up in the air stream and then reacted with a chemilux solution, which will generate light. The light is collected by a highly sensitive photomultiplier tube (PMT, designed for single photon counting), which converts light into an electrical signal. The electrical signal is sent to a microprocessor that measures the signal strength. The following figure illustrates the chromatographic separation of a sample.

Result Phase:

The presence of explosives is verified when the signal strength exceeds the alarm threshold within a time window expected for the explosives. If explosives are detected, an “ALARM” message will be displayed along with the type of explosive. An alarm sound will be audible if explosives were detected.

The result can be graphically displayed by pressing the icon on the LCD. The microprocessor calculates a number that represents the strength of the measured signal, which is displayed on this screen.

Powering the DPL-E4500:

• The DPL-E4500
can be powered by the re-chargeable battery or an AC power supply, which is both, included in the carrying case.

To power the unit with the battery, connect the power cord provided from the battery to the external power receptacle found on the main panel of the DPL-E4500. Power by using the On/Off switch located on the battery. Instructions for charging the battery are discussed further in the document.

To power the unit with the AC power supply, connect the power supply to the external power receptacle found on the main panel of the DPL-E4500 with the provided power cord. Connect into wall outlet with the provided cable.

Battery Operating and Charging:

To charge the battery, connect the AC-DC adaptor to the battery with the AC connector cable. Plug the adaptor into a wall outlet. While the battery is charging the Charge LED will be red and once it is fully charged it will change to green.

To determine the remaining battery power, Press the Test button while charging or not. The four green LEDs will display the percentage of power left.

The Percentages are indicated as Follows:

25 % ••1 LED
50% ••2 LED's
75% ••3 LED's
90-100% ••All LED’s will light-up.

Turning on the DPL-E4500:

On the main panel of the DPL-E4500, press the On/Off power switch. It takes two to three seconds for the DPL-E4500 to initialize. Following an internal system check, the DPL-E4500 enters the WARMING mode for twenty minutes or less. The LCD will display the desired temperatures along with the current ones.

When the WARMING mode ends, the DPL-E4500 enters READY mode.

Verifying the Performance of the DPL-E4500:

Prior to sampling for explosives, it is recommended that the operator verify that the DPL-E4500 is functioning properly by testing its performance using the appropriate test tools supplied. The provided Test Kit contains a PETN and RDX pen. This can be found in the storage compartment.

The performance verification of the DPL-E4500 should be done on an ongoing basis: after transportation, before it is first used for sampling operations, at the beginning of each work day or shift, whenever the unit has been unused for an extended period of time, or the unit has been turned off, or whenever a malfunction is suspected. Performance is verified using background testing and provided test kits.

Background testing should be done in a clean environment, before verifying the performance with the test kit. Insert a clean sample screen into the Injector Inlet. Once it is inserted, the run cycle will begin. The LCD message center shows Processing. The DPL-E4500 will then analyze the sample for 20 seconds (depending on the pre-set sample time) the Ready screen will appear. At this point the unit is ready for another sample.

Subsequent background test samples that consistently produce no alarms indicate that the background level and alarm thresholds of the DPL-E4500 are set correctly for particulate sampling mode.

Testing with the Test Kit:

The test kit contains a PETN and RDX pen. This test should be performed only after background testing has been completed, and after the background level and alarm threshold have been set.

The procedure is as follows:

Put the cotton gloves (supplied with the unit) on one of your hands, to ensure that you do not contaminate the unit or yourself. Using the PETN pen draw a 1 cm line in the middle of the sampling screen. Gently shake screen to dry the sample.

Insert the sample screen into the Injector Inlet. The analysis will start on it’s own.

The sample should initiate an alarm for PETN. Repeat again if no alarm. Run a blank sample to clear the alarm. Repeat the process again using RDX.

During training sessions we will cover how to correct any issues if wrong compound is detected.

A short or long decontamination cycle can be chosen in this menu.

During the short cycle the instrument automatically runs four sampling cycles.

Long cycle lasts for 20 minutes.

The sampling pump will be on during the 20 min period.

The unit should be clear after the decontamination cycle has processed.

Chemilux Conditioning:

• By choosing the Chemilux Conditioning option, the cycle will last 20 minutes.

• Press menu to stop conditioning and return to result screen.

• Choose the Chemilux Replacement option when the luminal bottle is changed. This will reset the counter in the unit. Typically, a chemilux bottle will last approximately 30,000 samples or a period of 4 months.

• Peak height, area and position for all the compounds for the current sample. Also indicates which explosives triggered an alarm.

Peak Info.:

Displays the number of peaks and their related height, position and compound.

Retrieve Data:

Send data to a computer with RS-232

Memory Functions:

This screen displays the amount of memory remaining and the option to erase it.

Default Parameters:

The original factory settings can be loaded here.

• Replace Battery:
Battery is low and must be recharged.

• Replace Chemilux:
The solution must be changed. It has been a period of four months or approximately 30,000 samples have been run.

• Voltage is low:
The voltage of the power supply is too low.
Board Error: The system board is not well connected.
• Desorber Error: The thermocouple is not well connected. The thermocouple is damaged: The heater is not connected.

• GC Error:
The thermocouple is not well connected. The thermocouple is damaged. The heater is not connected.

• PMT Error:
PMT reading is zero.

• Loom Error:
Heater is not connected.

• Pyro Error:
Heater is not connected.

Storage and Handling of Chemilux:


Extra bottles containing chemilux solution should be stored in a refrigerator prior to use. This simple procedure will extend the life of the sensor. Unused or waste bottles cannot be discarded unless the contents are chemically neutralized. Care should be exercised during the procedure to prevent skin contact or contact of the contents with sensitive surfaces. Latex or vinyl gloves and protective glasses should be worn. Should skin contact or spillage occur flush immediately with water or a dilute solution of vinegar.


• Immerse the sensor in a liter of water (in a bowl).

• Add some household vinegar.

• Pour the solution down the drain and flush with water.

• Discard the empty container.

Changing Chemilux Solution in DPL-E4500

NOTE: Always wear gloves for this process.

• Open the storage compartment.

• Remove cap that has the clear tube.

• Attach a new chemilux solution bottle and replace in compartment.

• Remove waste bottle (yellow tube) and neutralize its contents.
Neutralize the empty chemilux bottle at the same time.

• Replace the waste bottle in compartment.

• Select Menu icon on LCD••ChemiluxParameters••Chemilux Replacement

Connecting to Hyperterminal:

The results can be viewed directly on the computer as the samples are taken.

To connect:

• Connect the DPL-E4500 to the PC using the RS-232 cable provided.

• Access the HyperTerminal program in Windows by following Start••Programs••Accessories ••Communications ••HyperTerminal.

Note: If the computer being used has Windows Vista, HyperTerminal is no longer available. It can be downloaded from the following site: www.hilgraeve.com/htpe/download.html

• Once in HyperTerminal enter a name for the connection. For example – DPL-E4500. Set-up the connection using the settings found in the figures below.

RS-232 Commands:

• 1 to trigger sample
• L to list last sample result
• D to download data
• P to view all parameters
• CP to change parameters

Service and Maintenance Call Procedures:

When additional technical information or support is required, contact your local representative.

Please have the following information on hand prior to calling Technical Service/Support as it will be required to process your request:

• The serial number of the unit.
• The location of the unit.
• A contact person on-site and their telephone number.
• A detailed explanation of the problem.

Technical Specifications for the DPL-E4500 Handheld Detectors:

Type: Bench top identification unit.

Injection Type:
Manual wipe

Carrier Gas:

Radioactive Source:

Chemilux Solution

Principal of Detection:
Chemiluminescence with multi cap GC (Gas Chromatography). Detection for Particle Trace detection.

Detectable Substances:
Capable of detecting most military and commercial explosives, and ICAO taggants, and various peroxide based explosives.

Explosives Type:
Capable of detecting all types of Nitro based explosives, such as TNT, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, RDX, C-4, Nitroglycerine, EGDN, DMNB, Plastic Explosives, and ICAO Taggants, TATP, HMDX and various peroxide explosives.

Picogram levels for Trace/ Particle detection mode.

Field Programmable:
DPL-E4500 is field programmable by trained operator for changing parameters of sensitivity, response time, sample intake time, back ground levels etc. from the touch screen key pad.

Display/ Identification:
Display will show alarm with audible alarm in when concentration of NO2 or peroxide is detected above parameter settings. The unit will also ID the explosives detected by displaying the name on the screen.

False Alarm:
Less than 1% under ideal conditions and proper operator usage.

Response Time:
Sample intake time: Seconds once user is trained.

Analysis or Response Time:
15 seconds.

Sampling Capability:
Particle mode.

Alarm Mode:
Visual and Audio

Automatic baseline adjustment and user Verification required.

Fault Identification:
Error Message when unit requires service, luminol cell or battery.

Warm-up / Start Time:
60 seconds.

Output / Message Display:
Touch Screen LCD message display, audio alarm.

Data Storage Capability:
+1000 retrieval data is stored and printed via serial output.

Remote Communication:
Serial output port to PC for remote control & monitor.

Power switch, Touch screen LCD.

Power Supply:
AC/DC Power Pack integrated into unit 100-250 VAC.

12VDC External battery pack.

Battery life/duration:
External Battery: 8 hours continuous operation.

Power Consumption:
Nominal Output is 100 Watts, Minimum output is 20 Watts.

Operational Environment:
Operating humidity- 90% RH no condensation.

Operating Temperature:
- 50C to + 550C.

Storage Temperature:
- 50C to + 650C.

Safety Standard:
In accordance with ICAO, CE and EMC safety standards.

Unit approximately 5 kg. Complete system in metallic carrying box is 10 kg.

Unit = L25 x W25 x H11 cm (10 x 10 x 4 inches).


For Explosives and Narcotics Detection

Introducing the DPL-E5000 Detection System from DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com, provider of some of the most advanced chemical detection systems in the world, including its exclusive GC-IMS, NDS and EVD lines of trace detection. The detection equipment used to guard against terrorist threats is an important key to ensuring public safety. Equipment must deliver speed, accuracy and reliability in critical detection scenarios – and offer ease-of-use, low-maintenance and reasonable cost-of-ownership.

The DPL-E5000 Detection System delivers all this and more.
Based on our unique, patented GC/IMS (gas chromatography/ion mobility spectrometry) dual technology process and years of detection expertise, the DPL-E5000 system delivers:

DPL-E5000’s GC/IMS dual technology platform detects and identifies traces of specific explosives or narcotics within a multi-compound sample more accurately than single technology

DPL-E5000’s superior design and intelligent analytical software yield exceptional trace detection performance.

False Alarm Levels:
GC/IMS dual technology ensures the lowest false alarm

DPL-E5000 detects cocaine, opiates, cannabis, and amphetaminetype stimulants.

DPL-E5000 is easy to operate. Use the sampling tab to survey the
target surface for traces of explosives. DPL-E5000 processes and analyzes the samples immediately and displays the results on its touch screen, making detection an easy process that takes
just seconds.

DPL-E5000‘s sophisticated operating system has built-in networking and communication capability. The device can easily interface with other screening systems to create a comprehensive security solution.

Ease of use:
DPL-E5000’s simple one-step operating process makes it easy to use with minimal training – perfect for high turnover areas.

High Throughput:
DPL-E5000 offers continuous action and complete analysis within seconds – ideal for high volume environments, such as airports and
border crossings.

Low Maintenance:
DPL-E5000 is completely self-contained, self-cleaning, self-calibrating, and requires no external gas supply.

Cost of Operation:
DPL-E5000 is extremely cost effective, has low cost of daily
operations and very low cost of consumables.

Convenient Footprint:
Fits into small area checkpoints.

The DPL-E5000 is ideal for:

Border Crossings
Federal Buildings
Military Installations
Seaports and Container Ships
Nuclear Facilities
Embassies or Consulates
Courts of Law
Postal Stations
Corporate or VIP Headquarters
Underground Parking Areas
Special Events, Leases, Rentals


The combination of GC and IMS significantly improves performance (high chemical accuracy, high detection rate and low false alarm rate) compared to basic IMS systems.

Negligible Radiation Levels.

Increases user confidence that alarms are real and actionable.

Easy for non-technical operators, minimized training and
increased throughput.

Low consumable costs. Low maintenance requirements and easy access to components to minimize downtime.


Explosives: PETN, RDX,TNT, NG, Dynamite, Semtex, C4
Narcotics: Cocaine, Opiates (Heroine & Morphine), Cannabis (Marijuana & Hashish), Amphetamine-Type Stimulants (Amphetamine, Ecstasy & Methamphetamine.

Gas Chromatography / Ion mobility Spectrometer

Nanograms to Picograms

Variable: 6 - 20 seconds

Manual sampling Analytical unit On-board computer, printer and touch screen display.

Continuous Single Cycle.

Touch screen displays both alarm and compound identification
Information. Red flashing light on unit and audible alarm Automatic “Print on Alarm” option.

Trace Collection Device.

Un-interruptible power supply (UPS) battery/back-up Nitrogen generator Auto-preconcentrator.

Network connection, hard drive, diskette, printer, RS232

Less Than 500 W

90 to 265 VAC 50/60 Hz

20 minutes maximum from a cold start.

Unit Weight Less Than 25 kg


This item rents for $7,275.00 per week.


Ergonomic height and smaller footprint enhances security and fits in narrow doorways, elevators and spaces; conveyor folds for transport.

Parcel contents are displayed at normal scale, wherever located, automatically and without distortion (autoScale®). RealClear®
function reveals components of dense items in realtime without lags or delays.

Features Pentium 4, 17” monitor, RealClear®, autoScale®, autoDensalert®, autoOutline®, autoSensing®, autoCal®, 64X Smart Zoom, Lighten, Help, DensityScan, and Low Density Stripping, among other features.

Multi-Energy Color option with Organic/Inorganic Stripping is popular. TIP, Training and Image Archiving also available. auto-Matalert®, option highlights suspect materials using atomic number and density.

AutoTracking® guided conveyor belt system
never needs adjustment, lowering operating costs.

AutoSensing® eliminates the need for troublesome photosensors or footpad switch. Assures 100% screening of thin blades or plastique in magazines or courier envelopes, or of bag already in tunnel at start-up.

Interactive training and highly
responsive local service. Engineered, made and rigorously tested in the USA to ISO 9001 and regulatory standards.

Made by the leading worldwide producer of fast, reliable and sophisticated X-ray, Metal and
Trace Detection screening systems. Ask about our mobile and cargo systems. Our advanced systems and options are often integrated, leased or rented.

The AUTOCLEAR® 6040 (featuring a 62 cm wide x 42 cm high or 24.4” wide x 16.5” high tunnel opening) is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic
conveyorized X-ray scanner designed to inspect briefcases, purses, cameras, laptops, backpacks, shoes, mailbags, bins and parcels.

DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com is a world leader in providing anti-terrorist surveillance and security equipment to Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We also have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Personal Protection (recommended for our female customers) and Bug Detection Products.

Buy, rent or lease the same state-of-the-art surveillance and security equipment Detectives, PI's, the CIA and FBI use. Take back control!

Some of Our Recommended Products Include:





AUTOCLEAR 400+ Multi-Energy (High Capacity, Portable Parcel X-ray For Explosives, Weapons & Narcotics)






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