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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WIRELESS PINHOLE USB 4 CAMERA SYSTEM w/Live and Remote Monitoring (Buy, Rent, Rents, Rental, Rentals)

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We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor).

This 4 camera wireless pinhole USB solution offers features only imagined by other wireless camera systems. The included software allows for direct USB connection to your computer for live or remote monitoring, motion activated recording or scheduled recordings.


Great for "keeping an eye on things" while you are away. 4 tiny color wireless cameras transmit video to 1 USB receiver. Video can then be recorded on your PC via motion activation, scheduled recording, or continuous. Included remote viewing software allows for viewing all 4 cameras simultaniously remotely from any PC. This unique product combines four 2.4GHz receivers with a quad processor all in one unit!

So you can view the images from multiple (4 maximum) 2.4GHz cameras on a single TV/PC simultaneously in four way split screen mode. The unit also allows you to jump to full screen mode on any one channel or, alternatively, you can have it switching automatically from camera to camera and into Quad screen at intervals set by you.

The Quad Receiver also has a standard 2.4GHz SMA antenna fitting so you can increase wireless range by adding a higher gain antenna.

As always, wireless ranges can and do vary greatly dependant upon site conditions, obstructions and other wireless equipment running on location. The more wireless signals in any one location, the more chance of some interference or transmission range problems.


* Wireless Receiving 4-Channel Multiplexer,4 camera receiving by switch in quad image in one screen

* Time and date display and location setup

* Camera name setup

* Auto sequence

* Camera picture quality setup

* Monitoring 4x electronic zoom function

* System: NTSC

* Receiving Frequency: CHl:2414MHz,CH2:2432MHz CH3:2450MHz,CH4:2468MHz

* Power Supply: 12V 1.2A

* Current Consumption: 700mA

* Receiving Sensitivity: -88dBm

* Antenna Input Impedance: 75 ohm

* Video Output Level: lVp-p

* Audio Output Level: lVp-p

* Image Resolution : 720X76(PAL) 720X80(NTSC)

* Image Refresh Rate: 60Hz/second(NTSC)50Hz/second(PAL)

* Video Output Type Single picture, two picture, PIP,POP or four
picture can be displayed and switched automatically

* Ambient Temperature -30 ~ +60 degree

* Remote Viewing Software Includes:

* Remote View Software

* (4) Wireless Color Pinhole Lens Cameras

* (4) AC Adaptors for Cameras

* 4-Channel Multiplexer

* Power Supply

* A/V Output Line

* English Manual

* Remote Controller

* 2.4GHz Antenna

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