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Monday, February 23, 2009


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Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen):

Audio Based Lessons: Spy Gadgets, Spy-Gadgets, Spy/Gadgets: In this lesson plan we will cover our Spy Gadgets, Spy-Gadgets, Spy/Gadgets

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We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor).

These items Rent For $55.00 Per Week.

The first ever miniaturized camcorder, so small that it can fit into an ordinary wrist watch. This spy grade technology is the smallest body worn camera out there, and it's now available to the public!

No One Will Suspect That Your Wrist Watch Is Recording Video & Taking Pictures!

* One Touch Color Digital Audio/Video Recording
* Looks & Functions Like An Ordinary Watch
* Direct USB Connection To PC
* Over 2 Hour Battery Life
* Record Up To 8 Hours Of Video / Audio


One-Touch Recording For Extreme Portable Body Worn Surveillance:

Finally, the world's first Wrist Watch Spy Audio / Video Recorder that is both a camera and recorder to look, feel, and function like a normal watch. Just press the button and record all the action. To watch video, simply plug into a standard USB port on your computer and download the footage. No drivers or outside power source needed. Everything you need is self contained in the Watch with built-in miniaturized DVR and color camera. Can you spot the hidden camera?

Covert Body Worn Camera Disguised As A Stylish, Covert, & Wearable Watch:

The Wrist Watch Spy Audio / Video Recorder lets you record audio and video without anyone knowing. Perfect for a man or a woman, this stylish and multifunctional watch tells time like a normal watch, while recording video or taking photos. Its sleek and stylish designs makes it easy to wear, without drawing attention to the fact that you're recording video or snapping high resolution pictures. With 2 gigs of built-in memory, you have enough recording power to capture important moments on-the-go.

Uses For The Watch DVR:

* Journalists
* Meetings or Interviews
* Private Investigators
* Travel
* Secret Shoppers
* Law Enforcement
* Covert Operations
* Sting Operations


* Completely portable recording
* Color video and audio recording
* Sleek black watch face
* Charge on computer or with USB wall charger
* 2 hours of recording per charge
* Time/date stamp
* 2G internal memory
* AVI format
* Miniature pinhole camera
* Digital camera
* Video camera recorder
* Audio recording microphone
* Fully functional watch


* Video Format – 352 x 288 CIF AVI
* Picture Format – 640 x 480 JPEG
* Battery type – Built-in Lithium battery 4.2V
* Working time – 2 hours per charge
* Charge voltage – DV-5V
* Charging – USB standard port
* 300,000 pixel webcam w/ audio and video
* Can be used as USB Flash disc drive
* Operating temperature: 0 - 40 degrees
* Storage temperature: -10 - 60 degrees
* Supports Windows 2000/NT/XP


* 1 Wrist Watch Spy Audio / Video Recorder
* Manual
* Charger
* USB Cable


* 2" x 2" x 1"

DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com is a world leader in providing surveillance and security products and services to Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection (recommended for our female customers) and Bug Detection Products.

Buy, rent or lease the same state-of-the-art surveillance and security equipment Detectives, PI's, the CIA and FBI use. Take back control!


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