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Thursday, May 07, 2009

DPL Semen Detection II (Open 24/7/365)

Open 24/7/365!

Our Semen Detection II Kit is the most accurate home semen detection kit on the market today!

Semen Detection II Kit can be used to:

- Confirm suspicions of infidelity of a spouse or significant other.

- Determine if minor children are engaging in sexual intercourse.

- Collect evidence that may prove signs of sexual child molestation!

How does
Semen Detection II Kit work?

Semen is a bodily fluid mixture that comes from several different organs including the prostate and other glands secreted from men in the form of ejaculation. Semen Detection II Kit uses an extremely accurate testing method called PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen). PSA is one of the major proteins found in seminal fluid and it can also be found in the absence of spermatozoa in the case of vasectomized men. Scientists have been able to recover PSA from semen stains as old as 30 years!

That is why PSA testing makes
Semen Detection II Kit the most accurate home test available, unlike other semen detection products which use a method called AP - Acid Phosphatase, a test scientists consider to be an unreliable presumptive testing method. The AP method is not conclusive as it can detect other fluids causing a false positive result.

An AP type test is NOT conclusive and NOT recommended!

Semen Detection II Kit Includes:

(1) Micro Tube Holder

(1) Pair Of Universal Non-Latex Vinyl Gloves

(2) Sealed PSA Cartridges, Desiccants, And Pipettes

(1) UV Semen Detection Light (4 AA Batteries Not Included)

(1) Alcohol Wipe

(2) Transfer Pipettes

(2) Clear Micro Tubes

(1) Disposable Scalpel

(1) Cutting Mat (To Protect Surface)

(1) 2 Pack - Sterile Sealed Swabs

(2) Aqua Colored Micro Tubes With Solution

How does the included
Semen Detection II Kit UV Light work?

By using the enclosed Semen Detection II UV Light you may find suspicious stains that you can test for semen. This is a similar tool used in many forensic investigations for the identification of bodily fluids found on a variety of articles, which may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

* You will have the proof within minutes if positive or negative.

* Only kit on the market that INCLUDES our special UV LIGHT to help detect stains not visible to the eye.

You can test multiple articles at the same time.

Includes 2 test packs. Each test pack can test multiple articles.

Our Semen Detection II is an easy to use revolutionary way to reveal sexual infidelity by detecting traces of seminal fluids that are left behind on items such as undergarments, bed sheets, clothing, upholstery or other surfaces.

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