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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bitcoin: The Honey Badger of Currency Has The Chinese Government Cornered

The Honey Badger of Currency Has The Chinese Government Cornered

To our Chinese Friends, Countryman, and Government – lend me your ears. The Chinese government has now ordered their press to censor news of bitcoin and our Global Bitcoin Summit. It’s already too late. We are bitcoin and we’re already there.

People are using our currency quietly…carefully today. Does your government think their citizens don’t know what the press is forbidden to report? Do they not hear your whispers behind closed doors? Your kingdom may be crumbling from corruption from the inside, yet the lies among their ranks has become circular and corruption is the fruit of their betrayal.  They ignore the lessons of history and are confused by the reasons of why no one speaks.

How childish to think their currency will be trusted to become the reserved currency of the world they so desperately desire. They are fools to believe they deserve that valuable respect. Do they believe they’ve fooled the world of  the value of the Chinese yuan when their own people desperately try to escape it? The laws they’ve implemented to keep your money from leaving the country has done nothing but allowed even more corruption.  They know of this, yet can’t contain it.  Much of your population still live in poverty with little faith in the future while the privileged leaders maintain expensive mistresses with expensive taste and eventually blackmail your leaders to save face using your money.

When your desperate fellow countrymen began committing suicide by leaping to a preferred death from their factory compound windows, you saw the despair they could no longer bear living in slave conditions they were forced to endure. How did your government respond? Was it with kindness and understanding while removing the yoke of slavery? No. They  installed nets underneath their compound windows to catch them from their escape from earthly bondage. They then silently and ruthlessly returned them to the factory floors as if they were simply broken pieces of machinery that fell out of place.  This was China’s way of handling the situation…and we saw what they did when they thought nobody was watching.

What kind of leadership is that? China has allowed itself to become a rotten example of poison to the world killing your own people by the millions and still your oppressive leaders believe themselves to be  honorable?  They pompously lecture the world about currency while hypocritically demanding respect?  The hour is at hand and somebody must say it loudly.  Your Chairman  has no clothes!   Do they think hiding their people from bitcoin is going to help?  Our message to the great people of China: There is hope.

We ask the great people of China, why do your leaders consider bitcoin a threat?   It can’t be the size of bitcoin that frightens them. The entire market cap of bitcoin could be swallowed in just a few hours of corruption at the standard rate of corruption in China.  Bitcoin is a drop in the bucket compared to the political cesspool from which you are forced to contend.  Is it possible that the idea of the currency representing freedom they find intolerable? Are they afraid that bitcoin will become the currency of choice for you? Is it possible that they might be trying to hide that possibility from you? Could they be holding secret meetings, counting the days before you stand up united and hold them accountable? With your numbers they should be counting  their days!  We fully expect this article will be censored from the good people of China, and not without cause!  But your great people  will know. Word will spread. We hear your pleads for help. We are coming.

The Chinese government continuously disregard human rights. Many of you know they continue to ban your rights to speak freely. You understand  thousands of websites are being censored from you. The ideas sprouting from imaginations allowed to think freely are allowed to be viewed from responsible countries which afford their citizens the human dignity to learn. Yet China insist on policing your thoughts. We are not surprised that they would come to fear freedom in all forms, including bitcoin, ESPECIALLY BITCOIN! Because it is the money of freedom. Does the idea of currency freedom terrify them?  Their “Great Firewall of China”, even with armies of censors, won’t be able to stop bitcoin. Digital currency has many heads – Bitcoin, litecoin, and hundreds or thousands more lined up behind if needed. We are relentless, we won’t be going away, you will not be abandoned. Each time they try to stamp us out, we will mutate, and get stronger to resist. Each time they stomp, we learn new ways to adapt. Your days of forced isolation from the world are dwindling to a close.

They will try to hide digital currencies from you, but you will find us. We will send you our freedom which will come encrypted. We will come to your rescue contained on secret partitions on USB drives, burned onto CDROMs and any media you can think of. Our currency will be beamed to you from satellites, and embedded inside computer chips.  Your leaders will fruitlessly scour everywhere for electronic  microdots holding your bitcoin keys. They will expend countless wasted hours mindlessly trying to decode every email, and verify every attachment for any trace of our gift of freedom we bring. Will they be desperate enough to use MRI technology in an attempt to read your minds if they suspect you of  memorizing a brain wallet password?  The more they do this, the bigger our legend grows. We are watching and have ears in places that listen to your whispers. We are with you. The currency of freedom is coming.

The USA is now becoming open to the vast possibilities of our currency.  They  recognize your hostility and threat to bitcoin. They will surprise you with secret tools at their disposal to do everything in its power to help bitcoin. Get ready for payback for years of your  currency manipulation from the Chinese government that destroy American Jobs. Perhaps they will create and install a “Bitcoin Plunge Protection Team” similar to the one created by Ronald Reagan in secret after the 1987’s stock market crash (Black Monday). That team was charged with re-inflating the stock market in the name of “national security“. If China tries to crash bitcoin by purchasing huge quantities to dump, they may be surprised who buys it up to support the price.  We will see the good people of China share their rightful place in a “real” free market of the world. Ask yourself, if the Plunge Protection Team is currently working today to prop up the stock market so 401k’s hold together, would protecting the price of bitcoin be trivial? Payback’s a b!+(#.

We are growing. We are underground. We are anonymous. They won’t stop us and will only appear foolish to try. Their actions have just inspired our rally cry to defeat their efforts to contain us. Discover the meaning of the honey badger to understand our nature. We are known as the most fearless creature on earth. We are bitcoin.  This reference will likely soon added to your list of forbidden and unsearchable words.  The currency of freedom will win over tyranny. Know that we judge China not by seeing how they treat people when they know the world is watching; we do so by watching the manner in which they treat people when they  thought nobody was watching. This… defines their character.

Though our size is small, we are relentless. The ideals we carry with us will change the world. Chinese leaders are afraid of the freedom realized by their people when they are allowed to think for themselves. They are afraid of the freedoms that come with choice because in their deep black hearts they know…you will not choose them. The Chinese actions continue to validate who we are and what we represent…

We are bitcoin. We are freedom – and we are coming.

China May Be Disrupting Access to Major Bitcoin Websites

The Chinese government may be moving to suppress bitcoin adoption by limiting access to popular industry websites such as Blockchain, BTC-e and Coinbase, sources say.

The reports follow the revelation that the Chinese government had sought to limit domestic media coverage ahead of last week’s Beijing-based conference Global Bitcoin Summit, and that more extensive press restrictions have been implemented domestically.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Bitcoin Foundation board member-elect and BTC China CEO Bobby Lee confirmed that local web users had reported difficulty accessing certain popular bitcoin websites via PC computers:

“The blocking of these websites seems to be selective, affecting different parts of China at different times, for different durations.”

He suggested that the Chinese government may be mounting an effort to destabilize these sites to give the appearance that they are unreliable.

He further noted that the actions are not unprecedented, as China has previously taken steps to block users from accessing websites such as Google.

Affected Sites

Though the full number of websites potentially affected by these issues is not yet known, sources told CoinDesk that a handful of the more notable bitcoin companies were affected.

Eric Gu, co-founder of venture capital firm BitAngelsClub, said that news of the website issues was first reported yesterday, explaining:

“Some people weren’t able to access Blockchain wallets, and then we realized that BTC-e, and Coinbase were also on and off.”

VC investor and CoinDesk contributor Rui Ma also took to Twitter to list some websites that were suspected of having been affected, noting that the issues were not observed on the companies’ mobile websites.

Potential Impact

While another troubling development from one of bitcoin’s more important markets, Gu told CoinDesk that the website issues will likely have little effect on a community that has become used to dealing with setbacks.

“Most prominent bitcoiners are expert at crossing firewalls, and beginner bitcoiners don’t really use Blockchain and BTC-e anyway.”

He went on to report that he still plans to attend an upcoming meetup in Shanghai, and that despite any actions from the government, 200 people are expected to attend to hear Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin speak.

Monty Henry, Owner

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