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Sunday, March 29, 2015

This Month's Worst Customer Is: Sona Shah

This Month's Worst Customer Is:
Sona Shah
50 Pine Street Apt# 8B
Montclair, NJ 07042
Religion: Hindu
Occupation: Professional/Technical
Associated People: Dona Shah

Updated 4-09-2015

I just received the "
Bottle Water Hidden Camera" from the customer and for some reason even though she called and obtained an RMA#CN 7943 from tech. support she never actually sent the unit in for repairs. She did however, keep this unit that she claimed "never worked"for a total of (9) days! 

I tested the unit out and it works just fine. Never, got even warm or hot as the customer claimed. I even asked the customer to help me determine how to best duplicate the issues (there was many) that she had experienced. Like most people who are trying to get away with something.. she absolutely refused to help me duplicate the problems she encountered. She did however, suggest we go to court over the rental fees. (I already credited back to her the collateral).

Considering that we would have repaired or replaced this item (this is mentioned in return policy) immediately it really does seem odd that she refused to send it right back to me or my tech. support people. I have to conclude that she used it and now she doesn't want to even pay the modest rental fee ($75.00 per week).

See below:

On Apr 8, 2015, at 4:50 PM, Monty Henry monty@dpl-surveillance-equipment.com wrote:

Dear Sona Shah,

Thank you for contacting DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com
 Your correct tracking#  1Z8W6E603993481307 UPS (3) Day.
This is a courtesy notice that you completed (1) week of rental (9 days).

If the item has been shipped already please provide the tracking#.
If you are still using the item you may simply ignore this message.

Your Ship Was Delivered On:
Tuesday,  03/24/2015 at 3:32 P.M.

Signed By:

Your rental was sent back to us: (RMA#7943. No note, or explanation of the problems you referred to).

Ship (P/U) date :
Thur 4/02/2015
Signature not required

Actual Delivery :
Wed 4/08/2015 1:18 pm

Note: Customer had possession of the rental for 9 days.

Updated 3-30-2015

Customer sent the rental unit to supplier in order to have it repaired or replaced. However, customer failed to inform me or the supplier whether or not she would accept the rental back once it was repaired or replaced as agreed in our one hour long conversation 3-19-2013.

I received a phone call from her at approx. 7:00pm 3-26-2015 indicating that she had a problem with the Bottle Water Hidden Camera that she was renting from me in an attempt to "plant it" in one of the classrooms of her "special needs" child.

Unfortunately, according to Sona Shah (customer) the unit was getting unusually warm or even hot. I informed the customer that I had never heard of that type of problem associated with the unit before and that she should call tech. support the very next morning. I also told her that I would look over my copy of the instructions to see if there was any reference to "resetting" the unit as I thought this might at least allow the unit to shut down and cool-off if was indeed getting hot.

She also mentioned that she could find absolutely no reference to resetting the unit in her copy. I actually found the reference to resetting it (under trouble-shooting) and I immediately forwarded a copy to both her email and what I thought was her cell phone#. Then I even left a voice mail the next day so that she could possibly get the unit up and running even quicker.

From: Sona Shah
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 16:04:05 -0400
To: Monty Henry

It has not even been a week yet.  The item was delivered 4 days ago! (Monty: Out of frustration and in an attempt to reach her I sent her a rental "Courtesy Notice" just to see if she was ever going to actually respond to my attempts to see if her rental efforts were going as planned or not.).

I tell all customers I talk to that if they need more time that that is not a problem. Everyone gets one or two days "grace period" if necessary.

And it's not working at all as documented by the emails. (Monty: I have absolutely (zero) emails from articulating what exactly is going on with that unit). If she wants to forward a copy of it for all of us and her own cc company to see I'll be glad to post it here.

I'm going to contact your tech support again (Monty: "Again"? I would like to see a phone record to verify that a call was even made.If she wants to forward a copy of it for all of us and her own cc company to see I'll be glad to post it here.

Thank you 


She actually later chastised me for not being able to fix the rental unit over the phone and subsequently used that as a reason to not return my attempts (emails, voice mails, text messages) to check on the status of the unit to see if this either fixed it or if she called tech. support.

Unfortunately, this evening (5:13pm 3-29-2015) we got into a heated argument about why I was so persistent with my attempts to find out if she was ok or not with getting the unit to work!

I admitted that I was very concerned mainly because she initially told me that she was afraid that the unit might get hot enough to burn something or damage itself.

She informed me that she actually called tech. support at approx. 1pm and again later and was not able to speak to anyone. I consider this amazing considering that I always get through calling the same exact number I gave to her.


I informed the customer to please submit if possible a copy of the phone records so that I could follow-up on this rarity. I actually have to assume that the customer didn't call for tech. support but instead wanted to just delay contacting me for follow-up or even contacting tech. support so as to by herself enough time to get a free week of rental:(

She told me over the phone that I was violating or not adhering to my own company's policy because I was not able to fix this particular issue on the first attempt over the phone. I reminded her that sometimes technical issues simply can not be resolved over the phone and that our policy mentions that we will gladly repair or replace any item (purchase or rental) if we can't resolve the issue over the phone as mentioned here: Our Guarantee, Equipment Rental, Return and Price Policy

I really think she was being completely unreasonable in telling me that I was not trying my best to help her with an issue that more than likely needed to be addressed either by physical examination or by at least calling my actual tech. support people (the same people who actually made the product).

I offered to provide her with additional time if needed so that we could make sure that the unit was repaired or replaced. 

At this point she didn't seem to want us to verify that the unit was indeed working or not working correctly. She just insisted on sending it back for a refund of her rental charges.

I want all customers to know what makes for a very bad way of working with merchants. There's nothing like clear, open and honest two-way communication!

I think this customer is abusing her cc (credit card) privileges and simply wants to return or reverse this transaction because she either found a cheaper product (she admitted to researching it online after she rented it from me) or maybe even resolved her issue. Spying on the staff at her child's school.

The customer informed me that there were numerous mentions on youtube that this was a "common problem" associated with Bottle Water Hidden Camera surveillance products that had an over-reliance on remote controls. If anyone else can find out what she's talking about please post it here or let us know! I have yet to either see that reference (on youtube) or get a link from the customer or even understand why anyone would want more buttons or controls on the main body of the Alarm Clock Radio Hidden CameraBottle Water Hidden Camera or any other surveillance product! Usually customers want and demand less of anything that will somehow giveaway that their product is a covert spying device. This equates to more reliance on remote controls as compared to less reliance.

Most of my customers (I've only been doing this for almost 19yrs. What do I know?) actually prefer less surveillance on/off switches, indicator lights, etc on their product.

I'm not quite sure why she thought this was a legitimate concern to even bring-up absent real proof. However, I just thought that it was another reason (smoke-screen) to make it seem that there was an issue that couldn't be substantiated.  But was somehow worth mentioning.

Also, the customer could always send the unit back (we have life-time guarantees and warranties on our products as mentioned in writing on our website) to get any product repaired or replaced should never have been an issue. All she had to do was send it back to us and we'll be glad to repair/replace it for free if it's defective.

Also, all the customer needed to do was send it back to us or let the technician trouble-shoot it over the phone so that we can actually verify if the customer was using it correctly.

Below is an actual transcript of our (my attempts) to reach out to the customer and resolve the issue in the most timely manner possible.


Sent customer "Reset" instructions at 7:31pm 3-26-2015

Hi Sona,

Reset instructions are mentioned on page 4 which is the last page. Look under trouble-shooting. Look at the third entry "The device had crashed".

Also, if it continues to get hot just move it away or put it somewhere so that it doesn't damage anything.

Sona Shah: (No Response)

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 9:32am

Hi Sona,

You might also try changing sd cards as some sd cards tend to make video surveillance products run hot.

Sona Shah: (No Response)

Wireless Camera Finder

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 6:17pm

Hi Sona,

I need a status on the Bottle Water. If it's unusable it should be sent directly to my supplier for repair replacement.

Did you contact them today? 


Sona Shah: (No Response)

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 6:21pm

Monty: I'm assuming you either used it today or you put it in the mail this morning without using it?

Your tracking# should indicate it was shipped this morning.

Sona Shah: (No Response)

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 16:31:43 +0000

Monty: Are you still having problems? 

Sona Shah: (No Response)


Also, the customer agreed to abide by our terms and conditions as mentioned on our website when she rented the product which states that we have a no-refund policy. 

Your questions and comments are greatly appreciated.

Monty Henry, Owner


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