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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CyberSecurity For Kids And Parents 101

CyberSecurity For Kids And Parents 101

Family Contract For Online Safety

There are lots of “rules” on how kids (and parents) should use the Internet and mobile technology, but the most important rule is that parents and kids talk with each other. Sometimes it also helps to agree to a set of criteria. Here are pledges that kids, teens and parents can agree on. They can be printed out and signed by both parties.

Kids Pledge (Kids Under 10)

Teens Pledge (Teens And Older Pre-Teens)

Parents’ Pledge

Family Contract for Smartphone Use

Cyber-Thieves Target Children For Identity Theft!

It can take years before theft of a child’s personal data—and the financial damage—is discovered.

To the list of things we wish we could shield children from, add identity theft.
Cyber-thieves target children because their identities offer a clean slate with which to apply for bank accounts, credit cards or loans, government benefits and tax breaks. Criminals will often combine a child’s Social Security number with a fake date of birth and address to avoid suspicion, experts say.
Making matters worse, while adults can learn quickly that their identities have been stolen, say, after being rejected for a credit card or loan, it can take years to find out that a child has been a victim of identity theft. 


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Families often find out a child’s identity was stolen when applying for college loans or scholarships, or after tax returns are filed in the child’s name, says Eva Velasquez, president of the Identity Theft Resource Center, a San Diego-based nonprofit that helps identity-theft victims.

When those children become financially independent, an early and undetected identity theft can create huge barriers for them, Ms. Velasquez says. “They don’t have the [good and legitimate] history behind them to fall back on.”

Surprise At 19

When Axton Betz-Hamilton rented an apartment at 19, a utility company required her to pay a $100 deposit because her credit score was low. She was shocked to discover she had a history of canceled credit cards and actions against her by collection agencies, even though she had opened only one credit card and taken out federal student loans in her name, she says. 

Theft of her identity at age 11 had saddled her with a credit score “in the second percentile of the whole nation,” says Ms. Betz-Hamilton, now 34 and an assistant professor of consumer studies at Eastern Illinois University, where her research includes identity theft.

The three major credit-reporting companies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, say they don't track figures on child-identity theft. Identity Theft Resource Center, however, says it received 298 calls related to child identity theft in 2015, or about 5.4% of the cases it heard. 

That was down from 6.4% in 2014, but up from 4.8% in 2013.

Because child-identity theft tends to be detected long after the fact, such numbers may vastly underestimate the scope of the problem.

Credit-reporting companies add that thefts of minors’ identities are hard to uncover because children can have legitimate credit records if parents add them to a credit card as an authorized user. 

Meanwhile, data breaches exposing children’s personal information online are becoming more common.

One-in-five U.S. households has been notified by a school of a data breach that exposed the students’ information, according to a survey released in October by the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Breaches affecting children also can occur in the commercial realm. VTech Holdings Ltd., a Hong Kong-based digital-learning toy maker, said in December that names, genders and birth dates of 6.5 million of its child users were exposed in a data breach. About 2.9 million were U.S. children.

The credit-reporting companies say the onus is on parents to detect thefts of their children’s identities. Parents can protect their children a number of ways, starting with teaching them not to share too much information online, says Ms. Velasquez. “If your kids are allowed to have access to the Internet, it leaves them vulnerable the same way it would if you let them play in the park by themselves,” she says.

Here Are Some Other Ways To Protect Children From Identity Theft:

Look for warning signals. Be vigilant for signs that a child’s identity already may have been stolen. Well before college-loan applications or tax returns are filed, a teen may be denied a driver’s license because one already exists. Other warnings may come in the form of mail sent to the children, Ms. Velasquez says, such as solicitations for loyalty programs.

React when there is a breach. If a data breach affecting a child occurs, parents should initiate free credit monitoring for the child. This will allow the parents to receive alerts if accounts are opened in the child’s name, says Rod Griffin, director of public education at Experian.

Contact credit-reporting companies. Parents should check with the companies at least once a year to see if credit reports exist in their children’s names, Mr. Griffin says. In most cases, children only have credit reports when they’ve been added to a parent’s credit card as an authorized user. So if parents find that there is already a report in their child’s name, they should request a copy. TransUnion also has an online form where parents can submit child-identity-theft inquiries.

Put a credit freeze in effect. Only 23 states have laws allowing parents and legal guardians to put a security freeze on a minor’s credit report, the National Conference of State Legislatures says. This blocks opening a line of credit using the child’s identity. In states without such laws, Equifax will let parents and guardians initiate a report and then freeze it. But TransUnion and Experian will freeze only if there is already an existing report for the child.


If a report is frozen, the credit-reporting companies cannot release information to lenders or others who request to screen credit unless the individual lifts the lock. Assad Lazarus, senior vice president of product and consumer experience at Equifax, says a credit freeze is the most proactive solution because it blocks the possibility that a swindler could misuse the child’s credit.

Movement in Congress:
A bill has been introduced in Congress to allow parents in any state to freeze their children’s credit files.

“Without a frozen report, the child’s Social Security number will still be clean and therefore very attractive to thieves,” says U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin, a Rhode Island Democrat, and sponsor of the bill.

Wireless Camera Finder

Ms. Betz-Hamilton knows how hard it can be to repair a bad credit history—even a false one. She says it took her eight years to repair damage done to her credit. 

During that time, she says, her first credit card was canceled, and when she got a new one it had a $300 limit and 29.9% interest rate. 


She also was forced to pay 18.23% for a car loan, she says.
“I still on occasion get collection-agency letters in the mail,” she adds.

Your questions and comments are greatly appreciated.

Monty Henry, Owner


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