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Monday, February 20, 2006

Mantel Clock Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) $750.00! (Buy or Rent!)

Mantel Clock Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) $750.00! (Buy or Rent!)

Mantel Clock Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

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Black and White

This item rents for $95.00 per week.

Our new Mantle Clock Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is completely self contained, totally secure, and easy to use. All functions of the lamp work normally and the hidden B&W low light - high resolution camera is totally invisible.

All you do is touch the Arm button on the convenient wireless remote control. The clock will beep once to verify the command and quality B/W video recording will begin the instant motion is detected and will continue until 15 seconds after motion ceases. When you are ready to review your video images, simply press the disarm command on the remote control and remove the postage stamp size SD (Secure Digital) card from it's hidden compartment.

To playback images, an included SD card reader connects to the USB port of your computer or laptop. Install the card, click on the SD icon and a complete list of images, including time and date stamp will appear on your screen. Click on any image and the video stream will play from that point on. You can even speed up, slow down, or ZOOM IN during playback. You can save the card or download your images to CD, hard drive, Zip, or any other media of your choice. SD cards can be quickly erased and reused again and again.

User options can be easily changed via the SD card reader and your computer. Images can be recorded as fast as 10 frames per second (fps) or as slow as 1 frame per minute. Record duration after detected motion is also user programmable. The included 16Mb SD card will record 12,000 images.
Larger (optional) cards (128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb) will increase image capacity accordingly.

Filter Masking: 5 Different Sensitivity Levels! Choose where you want motion detection and where you don't!

You may also install the software and view the images on your PDA or Pocket PC! Great for private investigators and detectives needing to show video proof to their clients without taking and installing the software on your clients computer.


* Mantle Clock Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
* SD card reader with USB cable and software,
* 16Mb SD card
* Complete easy to understand instruction book and camera software.
* Everything you need to plug unit in an start using instantly.


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