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Thursday, April 06, 2006

GSM SOUND and MOTION-ACTIVATED (Cellular-Based) MONITORING SYSTEM $994.00! (Buy or Rent!)

GSM SOUND and MOTION-ACTIVATED (Cellular-Based) MONITORING SYSTEM $994.00! (Buy or Rent!)

This item rents for $195.00 per week.


Audio File: Overview:

GSM Sound and Motion Activated Monitoring System or GSM-SAMS, is a revolutionary device incorporating the latest in GSM technology, it can serve both as a sophisticated bugging device while at the same time it can serve as an anti-intrusion or warning device. Upon receiving
sound or motion in the vicinity of the GSM-SAMS, utilizing its built-in, sound-activated* microphone in conjunction with its cell phone module with a SIM card loaded, an automatic / instantaneous reporting mechanism in either form of text messaging or phone connection** to the pre-selected number*** can be triggered allowing one person to become promptly notified of any incidents / irregularities going on in the house, car or office, etc. Alternatively one can make a direct phone call to the GSM-SAMS if required.

* Microphone sensitivity is adjustable for filtering out background noises under most circumstances. (When tuned to the highest sensitivity level, any sound within 10 meters from the device can be picked up.)

** The central feature of the GSM-SAMS, is that it’s a
sophisticated, totally concealed bugging device. Reporting mechanism through secret phone connection allows an intended receiver to answer & hear what is going on simultaneously in the vicinity of the GSM-SAMS without alerting anyone.

*** A pre-selected number can be set up in a SIM card being loaded into GSM-SAMS. Done by sending specially arranged text messages to GSM-SAMS from the pre-selected number.


1. Ability to change the pre-selected number if required.
2. Ability to turn off microphone while on standby for power saving.
3. Ability to choose reporting mechanism either in text messaging or phone connection mode.
4. Ability to adjust sensitivity of the microphone.
5. Ability to activate or deactivate phone connection mode.
6. Ability to operate up to five consecutive days on batteries.
7. Compact size, easy to hide, and without range limitation (Utilizing GSM technology).
8. Suitable for placement in the house, car or office, etc. convenient monitoring.
9. Three-digit identification for each unit allowing multiple-units installation.

1~6: Done through text messaging.


* PIR Sensor for Motion Activation.

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