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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


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In this lesson plan we will cover the various features and applications of the Digital Video Recorder Surveillance System.

Audio File: Digital Video Recorder Surveillance System

30 FPS, 4 Channel Video, 1 Channel Audio 120 GB, ref:20~100days

* POS, provides parallel port POS connection, all the cashier transactions recorded together with video

* Counter, A camera covers the door entrance, the store can count the incoming customers, a camera covers the vehicle entrance, a parking lot can count the incoming cars.

* Remote Monitoring, provides phoneline, DSL/dynamic-IP, DSL/static-IP access, max 16-channel, each channel can come from different DVR/camera.

* Remote Playback, provides phoneline, DSL/dynamic-IP, DSL/static-IP access, max.
16-channel, provides band-width control.

* Central Monitoring, provides 24 cameras in one screen, auto-record/notify.

* Event Notification, provides email and hotline notification, on events like camera motion/video lost/sensor detection.

* Video backup, provides DVD-burner and video data backup software, can easily backup specific video clip to police for evidence.

Special Features:

1. Security Authentication:

The DVR provides 3 level users, the supervisor; poweruser and user, the supervisor has all privileges, supervisor can assign some functions to poweruser and user, like what cameras they can view, whether they can start or stop recording etc.

2. Display:

1/4 split screen
Interval adjustable 1 window rotate
Camera resolution: selectable 640x480 S/W (de-interlaced) / 640x480 / 640x240 / 320x240

Display: adjustable contrast /hue / brightness / saturation / video quality, provide AGC control.

Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

3. Record:

* Non-stop / motion detect / time schedule / event-trigger
* Pre- and post- event record.

SRT (Smart Record Technology), automatically assigns more frames to the heavy motion channel, so each channel can reach max. 30fps in case of necessary.

* Compression: Wavelet / MPEG4 selectable

4. Playback:

* Search by camera date and time
* Toggle between 1-channel and 4-channel playback
* Whole picture zoom-in and zoom-out
* Maximum video clip is 5 minutes, but you can manually merge to larger video clip
* Manually drag the slider for faster forward and rewind
* Fast playback by 1, 2, 4, 8 times normal speed
* Slow playback by 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 times normal speed
* Provide object search for recorded video

5. Motion Detect

* Software built-in motion detect function.
* Complicated geographic filter masking.
* 10 different sensitivity levels.
* Can trigger record, phone notification, email notification, camera popup, object counting, * event logging etc.

6. POS:

* Provide parallel port POS connection
* Text overlay POS transaction data on related camera signal
* Record POS transaction data with video and POS log

7. Camera Popup:

* Automatically popup heaviest motion camera
* Dwelling time and interval adjustable

8. Object Tracking:

* Tracking moving object automatically.

9. Counter:

* Set from-area and to-area, object comes from from-area to to-area called IN, object comes from to-area to from-area called OUT, you can setup one-way counter or two-way counter, to count incoming and outgoing object.

10. System Log:

* Set events you want to logged to system, and keeping days, etc.

11. Video data backup:

* The DVR has built-in DVD burner, and provides simple video backup software; you can easily backup video data to blank CD or DVD.

12. Scheduling:

* The DVR can work with schedule, like what time record in motion, what time record in straight, and what time no record, etc.

* There are 2 kind of schedules, General schedule and I/O schedule.

13. Digital Signature:

Watermark protection avoid unauthorized modification on recorded video.
* Provide watermark verification software.

14. Event Notification:
The DVR can dial 3 different phone numbers for hotline notification (need optional modem). * Each notification can detach different pre-recorded voice file. * The DVR also can send Email to specific recipient. * An image of the moment of the event can be attached to the email.
* You can only choose one kind of notification at one time.

15. PDA Access:

* PDA installed Windows CE operating system can access and setup the DVR system.

16. PTZ camera control:

* Supported PTZ cameras: Canon VCC3/Vcc4, Pelco (both P and D version), Ademco, LiLin, * Digi-Dome, Dynacolor, Sony, Panasonic, Mintron, Kalatel, SamSung, Sensormatic.
* Supported PTZ camera connection: RS485/RS422/RS232, each DVR can connect up to 16. * PTZ cameras.
* Provide 16 presets.
* Support some PTZ cameras auto-running on all the presets.

17. Remote Monitoring:

Remote view live video from DVR over Internet / intranet / phoneline, max. 16 cameras at one screen, each camera can come from different DVR/camera, provide DMIP program for dynamic-IP DVR, provide Remote-View software for phoneline DVR, provide remote site PTZ camera and I/O devices control, remote access has the same authority control as local.

18. Remote Playback:

* Provide web browser remote playback, you can only access one channel at one time, provide bandwidth control over Internet playback.

Provide Remote Playback Software, you can install it in client site, it's much more powerful, you can playback max 16-channel, you can choose Just-Play or Download-Play depend on bandwidth.

* Remote playback has the same authority control as local (refer to Feature 1)
(phoneline access needs optional modem).

19. Central Monitoring:

* Provide center software for monitoring center.
* Each center can monitor 20 DVR sites, up to 320 cameras.
* Boosting the number of target sites by multi-centers through LAN connection.
* Each center screen can display 24 camera signals.
* Automatically record all incoming camera signals.
* Automatically send notification on camera signal event.

20. Utility Software:

* Remote trouble-shooting software, allows qualified technician trouble shooting remotely in case of necessary.

* Anti-virus system, if you use it in high risky of virus-infection environment, you can install it to prevent system crash.

* Firewall system, in case there is no router or other firewall in front of it, while it connects to Internet, you can enable that firewall, and add the ports like http:80, video data:4550, video server:5550. etc

21. TV-out:

* The DVR provides both PC monitor and TV connection

22. Unit stability:

* AC-Backup function, Our unique technology for power interrupt, automatically recovers to DVR working status without even pushing the power-on button.

* Built-in thermal sensor to control ventilation and temperature of the unit.

* Anti-freeze, anti-crash software system, and separate video data partition.

23. I/O, With optional I/O box, we provide the following functions.

* Schedule DVR running on I/O events.
* Start/Stop video recording.
* Make charming/warning sounds
* Send video to monitoring center
* Send hotline notification or email notification
* Output module
* Register input event
* Trigger PTZ camera goes to preset position
* Trigger alarm devices on and off
* Take action on video lost

24. Audio:

2-way audio, allows live talk between camera site with microphone and remote site with web browser and headset.

* 1-channel audio record
1-channel live audio output from DVR synchronize with live video.
* Audio playback with channel-1 video

Specifications: Electronic:

* Input voltage: 100~240 VAC
* Power supply: 250W


* Operating system: Windows XP-Professional
* Signal system: NTSC/PAL selectable
* Video input: 4 channels
* Total display: 30 fps
* Total record: 30 fps
* Recording resolution: NTSC: 640 x 480 / 320 x 240
PAL: 720 x 588 / 360 x 288
* Compression: Wavelet or MPEG4 selectable
* Compression rate: 300:1
* Compressed image size: 320 x 240, 3kb
* 640 x 480, 9kb
* Video output: SVGA x 1, Video x 1
* Hard Drive capacity: 80GB
* Record duration: 4 channel 320x240 Non-Stop: 10days
* 4 channel 320x240 Motion-detect: 50days
* 4 channel 640x480 Non-Stop: 4days
* 4 channel 640x480 Motion-detect: 20days
* Remote live video access: 132 users maximum
* Remote playback recorded video: 10 users maximum
* Remote setup: 1 user maximum
* Average video data size: 320x240 3kb/frame
* 640x480 9kb/frame


* Video input: BNC
* PS/2 mouse and keyboard: 6-pin miniDin
* Com1: DB9
* Monitor: DB15, SVGA
* Ethernet port (10/100base): RJ45


* Support E-map, POS, and Access Control
* Operating temperature: 5~40C (41~104F)
* Relative humidity: maximum 85%
* Dimension: 8” x 16.5” x 18” (W x H x D)
* Unit weight: 28lbs
* Shipping weight: 32lbs

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