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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor).

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We Also Have Numerous Covert Tracking Devices. (See below!)

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No Monthly Recurring Fees. Lasts Up to 3 Years.

The Next Generation in GPS Tracking:

This new handheld
GPS (PAY-PER-USE) TRACKER / LOCATER lasts up to 3 years in stand-by mode with no monthly recurring fees. Activate and locate only when your asset is missing or stolen. Quad mode means this device and our software work worldwide.

Locate and activate only when your asset is missing or stolen at no extra charge.

GPS (PAY-PER-USE) TRACKER / LOCATER with No Monthly or Recurring Fees.

This tiny device can be easily placed or hidden in a vehicle or other asset. It's deployed with a prepaid SIM card with no monthly recurring charges. Programmed for easy and automatic updates even when inactive, the GPS Emergency Tracker / Locator allows access for a limited time every day to receive needed information. If the asset or vehicle is stolen or lost, and
customer requests activation of their unit(s), we offer a free, one-time location check of assets before any activation fees are incurred.

Quad mode means this device and our software work worldwide.

Quad-mode capabilities allow the GPS Emergency Tracker / Locator to be activated and operate from anywhere in the world, over land, sea or air. In addition, the device is compatible with our cutting-edge GPS tracking software, which allows users to access readily-available satellite mapping technology or incorporate their own customized maps from anywhere on Earth.

Originally developed for military use, GPS technology is now widely used by businesses of every size. GPS devices are often credited for the quick recovery of stolen or missing goods, because they allow business owners and law enforcement officials to track and pinpoint the exact location of stolen items.

Optional 18 amp/hr Battery Pack Extends the Charge Time to 7 Years.

Also available for use with the GPS Emergency Tracker / Locator is a specially-designed hibernating lithium battery pack which extends the units charge time to 7 years. The battery pack is housed in a magnetic, weather-resistant and crushproof Pelican® case, which measures a mere 5.43 inches long.

Hardware Features:


* Up to 5.000 location / activation messages can be saved (automatic).

* Built in motion detector.

* 3.7 Volt Li-ion battery with optional high power lithium batteries and waterproof housing.

* Panic button (will power up the unit from deep sleep mode).

* Super low battery use in deep sleep mode (low power timer on) (Up to 3 years with 3.7V/960mA battery).

* Timer circuit can wake up unit by time (hours – minutes – seconds – days months) or any configured time or date.

* Time backup battery will last up to 3+ years without battery or external power connected.

* 18 Pin mini multi I/O connector.

* One digital input (0 to 60VDC).

* One analog – digital input (3.3VDC).

* Built in active high performance GPS antenna.

* Unit can be activated from deep sleep mode
using Panic button, wire connection (will activate the unit when wire is broken or cut), or when closed loop is opened.

* Low battery LED indicator.

* GPS status LED indicator.

* Built-in buzzer for warning and motion detection (can be switched off).

* Operating temperature range -25 deg. C to +70 deg. C (Battery 0 – +60 Degrees C.).

Power Use:

Lasts up to 3 years on internal battery or 7 years on optional external 18 amp/hr batteries.

Physical Characteristics:
Unit size: 90.5x 39 x 15.5 mm (3.56 x 1.53 x .61 in)

Case Environmental Characteristics:

* Operational Temperature: - 25 ~ + 70 °C

* Storage temperature -40°C to +80°C

* 1 Multi I/O connector (18 pin with locking pins)

Electrical Characteristics:

Input Voltage: + 5 Volt DC regulated (USB port power)

GSM Modem:
SIM-COM Quad band 1900/850/900/1800 Megahertz

GPS Receiver:
uBlox- LEA-4S chipset version (default)

Battery Life Characteristics

GPS Emergency Tracker / Locator offers outstanding long term battery operation by activating itself automatically for short periods of time (5 minutes) at preprogrammed intervals (usually daily, weekly, or monthly). This allows the unit to be located at the first interval after the asset is lost or stolen while conserving battery power at all other times. Battery life is dependant upon selected interval. Optional extended life battery pack and waterproof case is also available to enhance performance time.

In addition, optional external sensors such as vibration, magnetic, temperature, pressure, or humidity are available for optimal battery life up to 3 years. Examples of sensors are, Magnetic, Pressure, Humidity or Vibration.


The MICRO REAL-TIME GPRS TRACKER is a self-contained complete hardware and software package small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. When placed with packages, vehicles, or personnel, the
MICRO REAL-TIME GPRS TRACKER provides detailed reports of routes traveled for quality-control and security purposes.

Featuring SiRF star III technology for extra sensitive reception outdoors, indoors and through metal. WAAS enabled receiver providing GPS signal corrections, giving better position accuracy. How much better?
Try an average of up to five times better. A WAAS-capable receiver can give you a position accuracy of better than three meters 95 percent of the time.

MICRO REAL-TIME GPRS TRACKER provides real-time navigation in urban canyons as well as high sensitivity acquisition needed for indoor use.


* Self contained device fits in the palm of your hand. No external antennae needed, just plug-&-play.
* Location information is reported using a direct GPRS data connection.
* Mapping for the entire world using the latest cutting edge 3D maps from Google and Microsoft.
* Real-time location reports every 15 seconds.
* Geofence feature sends alert if the target moves from pre-defined area.
* Parking and Anti-theft Function:
Pressing the Parking Button will start the anti-theft function. If your vehicle has been moved 100 meters the MICRO REAL-TIME GPRS TRACKER will send messages to the pre-set phone numbers to warn you of the vehicle movement.

* GPS assist function using GSM network, boosting location sensitivity when GPS signal is temporarily lost.
* Durable, lightweight, water-resistant housing.
* Enhanced sensitivity for indoor and outdoor reporting.
* Tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz for worldwide coverage.
* 12 volt DC adapter connects to vehicle power.
* Can be hooked up to 12 volt DC for permanent hardwire connection

Technical Specifications:

GPS Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A Code: 1.023MHz Chip Rate
Datum: WGS-84
Sensitivity: -159 db
Channels: 20 Channel All-In-View Tracking

Acquisition Time

Reacquisition <>
Cold: <42>
Warm: <38>
Hot: <1>

GSM Transceiver

Tri-Band 850/1800/1900/MHz
Compliant To GSM 2/2+

GPRS Transmission
GPRS Multi-Slot Class 10
GPRS Mobile Station Class B


Internal GSM Antenna and Active GSM Patch Antenna

External Power Supply
5.0 ~ 8.0V DC Input Charging Current 500mA

Battery Power Supply
3.7 VDC

Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
Standard 1100mA
Optional 1800mA

Battery Life
22 Hours After Being Charged and Sending One Report Every 60 Minutes.

Device Size
64.66mm (L) x 43.19mm (W) x 22.81mm (H)

Device Weight

Operation Temperature -5 ~ +60 C
Storage Temperature -5 ~ +60 C

Our New Long-Term Weather-Proof Case = The Longest Lasting GPRS Tracker in the World!

We have combined our popular Micro Real-Time GPRS Tracking Device with a brand new weatherproof magnetic enclosure. This new pack can provide up to 90 days of unattended use by utilizing dual layers of state-of-the-art Lithium Ion Batteries and a motion sensor which puts the tracker into hibernation after 5 minutes of inactivity.

One of the most convenient and cost-effective features of the new hibernating case is that it can be left unattended for months. Completely programmable, the battery pack virtually eliminates the need for human monitoring by automatically calling up to five cell phones and sending email alerts when it detects motion.

A mere 6.5 inches long, our new battery pack is about half the size of its conventional counterparts when housed in its waterproof and crush-proof Pelican™ case.

Hibernator Case

* 5.43" x 4.06" x 2.12" (13.8 x 10.3 x 5.4 cm).
* Longest lasting tracker available, up to 90 days of unattended use.
* Crush Proof.
* Water Tight.
* Dirt Proof.
* Motion Detector Board with switch capability.
* 50lb Magnetic Mount.
* Charger Included. 3.7-volt 1.5amp. Charge time 4 to 6 hours.

Two different battery configurations
are available with the new pack; 3.7-volt at 7.8 or 15.6 amp per hour.

Pack Type: 7.8-amp/Hr or 15.6-amp/Hr

Constant Power: 7 days or 14 days

With Motion Detector: 60 days or 90 days

All times are approximate and will vary on ambient temperature and number of times the battery is charged. These durations are
all with standard usage of 1 location report per hour and an average travel time of 8 hours per day.

We Also Have:






* Micro GPS Tracker/Logger I (Buy or Rent)

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