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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romney Scares Seniors With Paul Ryan Selection

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Nancy Scarchilli, a 92-year-old registered Democrat who is undecided this year, said Medicare “just paid a beautiful penny for my hospitalization” for heart failure, adding that she likes the program “the way it is.”

Mac Williams, a 62-year-old independent who receives Social Security and lives in New Port Richey, north of Tampa, was similarly turned off by Mr. Romney’s choice. “Ryan is entirely too extreme,” he said. “I think Romney blew his chance of winning over independents.”

On Saturday morning, as the news of Mr. Romney’s choice circulated, Mr. Williams stopped at an Obama campaign office in the area and volunteered to help with its phone-bank operation. He said he had already been wary of Mr. Romney. But, he added, that morning’s announcement was “like the last nail in the coffin.”

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